Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list chart

Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list: You must have seen people at weddings and parties that they eat whatever they want without thinking. The next day many people start getting upset stomachs, while some people start having other problems. In fact, at parties, people do not pay any attention to what should not be eaten with what. There are many foodstuffs whose combination is injurious to health.

In Ayurveda, many rules have been given regarding food, out of which the rule of diet is the main one.

Under the Virudha diet, it has been told which foods should not be eaten together. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the anti-diabetic diet.

Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) side effects in body

HeadacheConstipation Joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis
MigraineWind bloatingIn children recurrent mouth ulcers
 FatigueAching musclesIrritable bowel syndrome
DepressionDiarrhoea Duodenal ulcers
AnxietyHyperacidityCrohn’s disease
Vomiting StomachEdema

Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list

Don’t eatWith
Beansfruit, cheese, eggs, fish, milk, meat,
fruit (melons!), beans, cheese, fish,
milk(!), meat, yoghurt
fruitas a rule should be eaten by
grainsfruit, tapioca
hot drinksmangos, cheese, fish, meat, starch,

lemoncucumbers, milk, tomatoes, yoghurt
melonsEVERYTHING – e.g. dairy, eggs,
fried food, grains, starches
milkBananas (!), cherries, melons, sour
fruits, bread, fish, meat, yoghurt
nightshades (potato, tomato)melon, cucumber, dairy products
radishesbananas, raisins, milk
tapiocafruit esp. banana and mango, beans,
yoghurtfruit, cheese, eggs, fish, hot drinks,
meat, milk(!), nightshades

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