Honey benefits for health


People have been using honey since time immemorial, people keep using it as medicine and for food, its consumption also brings strength to the body. This is a very beneficial natural compound, which people use instead of refined sugar. If you use pure honey instead of refined sugar or refined sugar, then it can be … Read more

Grapes benefits for health


We know that grapes are accustomed to making wine, but also there’s something other use of. it’s the nutritionist and lots of health benefits for your body, improving eyesight, boosting brain performance, protecting against infection, relieving constipation to reducing and low risk of asthma, and more, see the last section to seek out all.  Make … Read more

Parthenium hysterophorous vegetation (Gajar Ghas)

Gajar Ghas

Summary What you see here looks like a nice green crop of grass or grazing for cattle but look a little closer Parthenium hysterophorous vegetation is classed as a noxious weed it’s an introduced plant a pest to agriculture a threat to animals and increasingly a health threat to humans well it looks different depending … Read more