Sesame oil benefits for health

Sesame oil has been used since ancient times in food, massage, and auspicious works. Sesame seeds are very beneficial for the body from the point of view of health. People in India use sesame oil more in religious and auspicious works.

Sesame oil is used in food as well as medicinal, if you use it in your daily life, it is also beneficial for improving skin and hair health. Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. Let us tell you about other benefits of sesame oil.

Benefits of sesame oil

Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and protein are found in sesame oil. Which is considered very beneficial for the complete nutrition of skin and hair. It is useful to use sesame oil regularly to take care of the skin and get glowing. There are so many benefits of sesame oil that you will be surprised to know about them.

Sesame oil

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 100 gDV
Calories884 kcal44%
Total CarbohydrateOg0%
Total Fat100 g154%
Saturated Fat14.2 g71%
Monounsaturated Fat39.7 g
Polyunsaturated Fat41.7 g
Vitamin E1.4 mg7%
Vitamin K13.6 ug17%
Choline0.2 mg0%
% Daily values (DV) are based on a 2000 calories Diet. DV may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Sesame oil for dental health

Applying sesame oil all around the inside of the mouth reduces the swelling of the gums. Rubbing sesame oil on your teeth before brushing in the morning is beneficial. You can also use sesame oil for the oil pulling process.

In this process, the oil is kept inside the mouth for 15 minutes and rinsed and thrown out. By doing this, it is believed that by using sesame oil, all the harmful germs in the mouth are eliminated and the teeth start shining. If you want to keep teeth white and shiny, then use sesame oil in your daily life.

Sesame oil for hair shine

If you want to remove the dryness of the hair and make it shiny, then definitely apply sesame oil. If your hair has become dry and lifeless, then definitely use sesame oil. Warm the sesame oil lightly, then massage it on the scalp with light hands. After keeping the oil in the hair for some time, wash it off with normal water. It nourishes the hair from within

Sesame oil reduces swelling

The copper present in sesame oil is known to naturally reduce inflammation. The level of copper is very high, which helps in reducing many serious problems like inflammation and arthritis. It also helps reduce joint inflammation and strengthens bones and blood vessels. Sesame oil has long been believed to strengthen bones and can also eliminate painful inflammation that has accumulated in the body over the years.

Stop hair fall

 The problem of hair fall has become very common, if you use sesame oil in your daily life, then your hair will be strong and shiny.

Sesame oil is beneficial for bones

If there is a deficiency of calcium in your body, then you can use sesame oil. Sesame oil is very beneficial for your body. Copper, zinc, and calcium are found in sesame oil. All these three minerals play an important role in the development of bones.

If the bones are strengthened by using sesame oil in food. Sesame oil helps in preventing osteoporosis and various age-related bone diseases in older people. Due to the presence of zinc and copper in sesame oil, sesame oil helps in the production, circulation, and metabolism of red blood cells. It also works to correct the speed of bone regrowth.

Sesame oil drives away depression

Sesame oil is used in the home treatment of depression. An amino acid called tyrosine is found in high amounts in sesame oil. Tyrosine activates certain enzymes and hormones in the body, due to which a person’s mood remains good and he starts feeling happy.

Serotonin is also present in sesame oil. According to experts, consuming food products in which serotonin is present, a person starts feeling positive and it also helps in getting out of depression.

Sesame oil keeps the heart-healthy

Sesame seeds contain a good amount of sesamin and sesamol. These are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which also improve the taste of food. It balances the cardiovascular system and keeps cholesterol levels low. It also eliminates the level of bad cholesterol present in the body. If you use sesame oil in the diet, then you can be safe from stroke and heart attack.

Cancer-protecting sesame oil

Sesame oil contains a compound called phytate, which is known to directly inhibit the growth of cancer. Sesame oil is also high in magnesium levels, which have been shown to be helpful in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. The calcium present in sesame oil is believed to be helpful in preventing colon cancer.

Sesame oil will reduce weight

If you want to lose weight, then you should use sesame oil. The polyunsaturated fatty acids found in sesame oil play an important role in weight loss. They increase the plasma levels of leptin, a hormone in the body.

Which maintains the balance of energy and also suppresses the intake of food. People who regularly eat food made with sesame oil, it helps them to keep their weight under control.

Take care of eyes sesame oil

Sesame oil acts as a natural tonic for the liver. It improves blood flow, which nourishes the eyes. People who have blurred vision or whose eyes are tired can also treat them.

Treat anemia

A good amount of iron is found in sesame oil. Due to this property, it proves helpful in treating anemia. Not only anemia but also other diseases caused by iron deficiency in the body can be treated with sesame oil.

Sesame oil to cure diabetes

Sesame oil is one of the best home remedies to control diabetes. If you use sesame oil instead of any other cooking oil for cooking for 2 months, then the level of blood sugar decreases in people suffering from diabetes. Sesame seeds are a good source of magnesium as well as many other nutrients. All these nutrients together help sesame to lower glucose levels, thereby reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

For good hair growth

Massaging the hair with sesame oil improves blood circulation, by doing this the hair grows faster. Sesame oil can be used even if the hair breaks before it grows completely. Those who want long thick hair should use sesame oil.

To root out dandruff

Want to reduce dandruff and lice from hair? Even if you have dandruff in the hair or are troubled by the problem of lice in the head, sesame oil is not less than a boon for you.

Sesame oil acts as a moisturizer on the skin

Applying sesame oil on the face regularly in the morning and evening gives moisture to the face. Applying sesame oil on the face especially in winter brings a glow to the skin. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Apart from this, antioxidants and vitamin E are present in sesame oil, which acts as a sunscreen by protecting the skin from free radicals.

Benefits of sesame oil massage

You must have known about the benefits of sesame, now what are the benefits to you by massaging with sesame oil. will tell about it

1. Massaging the hair with sesame oil can cure thin, weak hair. If Brahmi or any other herb is also mixed in sesame oil, then its benefit becomes double.

2. Using sesame oil as a massage in winter can prevent cold. Make a decoction of sesame and sugar candy and drink it, the accumulated phlegm comes out.

3. If small children are massaged with sesame oil, then their physical development takes place in a good way.

 Massaging with sesame oil for 5 weeks improves baby development.

4. Daily massage of sesame oil cures many types of skin diseases and also returns the moisture of the skin.

5. In case of pain in the waist and back, massaging with sesame oil mixed with asafetida and dry ginger is beneficial.

How to use sesame oil

Every night before going to bed, you should massage your face with sesame oil. Wake up in the morning and wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. If you do this every day, your face starts glowing. But first, you have to find out whether your skin is oily or dry. If the skin is oily, then first clean the face with a good cleanser and only then apply sesame oil. But instead of massaging with oil on oily skin daily, massage only 2-3 days a week.

Sesame oil hot or cold

Sesame also gives warmth to the body, the effect of sesame oil is hot. Many studies have shown that sesame oil is very beneficial for health. Has a warming and soothing effect on the body.

Disadvantages of excessive use of sesame oil

While there are so many sesame oil benefits, its disadvantages also cannot be denied. Know about the harm caused by excessive use of sesame oil.

1. There may be an increase in body weight.

2. Consuming sesame can cause allergic reactions. Whether it is sesame or its oil, if you are sensitive to it, then you may have digestive problems, swollen eyes, runny nose, and asthma, etc.

3. The risk of colon cancer may arise if sesame oil is used in excess.

4. If you are taking any medicine that thins the blood, then take sesame oil only after consulting the doctor.

5. Excessive consumption of sesame oil can also cause appendix infection.

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