Neem Benefits for health

  1. Hardly anyone is unfamiliar with the neem tree. Neem is known for its bitterness. Almost everyone would know that even after the taste of neem is bitter, it proves to be very beneficial for health, but you should know. What are the benefits of neem and in which diseases we can use neem?
  2. Due to the medicinal properties of neem, it is called the Kalpavriksha of the earth.
  3.  Generally people use neem for its benefits in wounds, skin diseases, we can use neem in many other diseases.
  4. If you have an injury and have to wash a wound, then you can use a decoction of neem leaves as it is more useful than any carbolic soap. Neem is also very beneficial in skin-related diseases. The fibers in it are found to have blood-purifying properties.
  1. Neem oil can destroy three species of bacteria that cause tuberculosis or tuberculosis.
  2. The thick paste prepared by grinding neem leaves inhibits the growth of cancer-causing cells.
  3. What is Neem?
  4. Neem is a full deciduous tree of Indian origin that can reach a height of 15–20 m (about 50–65 ft). It can sometimes be as high as 35–40 m (115–131 ft). Its branches are quite spread. The stem is straight and short and can reach up to 1.2 m in diameter.
  5. Its bark is hard and cracked and its color can be whitish-gray or even red, brown. There are rows of leaves up to 20–40 cm (8 to 16 in) long, with 20 to 31 dark green leaves. Its flowers are white and fragrant. Its fruit is smooth and oval and it is called Nibouli. The skin of the fruit is thin and fleshy and fibrous, white to yellow in color and bitter-sweet in taste. Its kernels are white and hard, containing one or sometimes two to three seeds.

Neem in –

English – Neem, Nimb

English – Margosa Tree, Neem

Sanskrit – Nimba, Picchu Mard, Picchu dim, Tiktaka, Arishta, Hingu Niyas, Sarvatobhadra, Malak, Arka Padapa, Chardan, Hiju, Kakul, Nimbak, Prabhadra, Pukamalaka, Pitsarak, Gajabhadrak, Sumana, Subhadra, Shukpriya, Top leaf, Cold blaze, blaze

Garhwali – Betain, Nim

Oriya – Nimo, Nimb

Urdu – Neem

Kannada – Nimb, Bevu

Gujarati – Limba, Kohumba

Telugu – Vemu, Vepa

Tamil – Bemmu, Veppu

Bengali – Nim, Nimgachh

Nepali – Neem

Punjabi – Nimb, Nip, Bakam

Marathi – Balantnimba

Malayalam – Veppu, Nimbam

Arabic – Azadirakht, Margosa, Nim

Persian – Neeb, Nib, Azad dakhtul hind


Benefits and uses of neem

Neem is also known as Nimba. In many texts, the consumption of neem leaves in spring is considered very good. It purifies the blood and there is no dreadful disease like fever, smallpox, etc throughout the year. How neem is used in various diseases 

Benefits of Neem Tree for Hair Problems 

The benefits of neem are very beneficial for hair. It can be used in hair problems ranging from hair fall to premature maturation of hair.

Soak neem seeds in a decoction of bhangra juice and bark of Asan tree and dry it in the shade. Do this many times. After this, take out their oil and put 2-2 drops in the nose as per the rules. Due to this, the untimely white hair turns black. During this experiment, only milk and rice i.e. cooked rice should be eaten.

Regularly pouring 2-2 drops of neem seed oil in the nose turns white hair into black. During this, only cow’s milk is to be taken as food.

Grind one part of neem leaves and one part of plum leaves. Apply its paste or paste on the head and wash it after 1-2 hours. Apart from this, the hair is black, long, and thick.

Boil neem leaves in water after it cools down. Washing the head with this water makes the hair stronger. And hair fall stops. Apart from this, it is beneficial in many diseases related to the skin.

If you have small pimples between the hair in your head, pus is coming out of it or there is only itching, then neem can be used. Washing the head and hair with neem decoction and applying neem oil daily can be avoided by such arunika and minor diseases. Lice are killed by grinding neem seeds or washing the hair of the head with a decoction of neem leaves.

Benefits of Neem for Relief from Headache


Make a fine powder by mixing equal quantities of dried neem leaves, black pepper, and rice. Before sunrise, put a pinch of this powder in the nostril on the side of the head where there is pain. It provides quick relief in migraine pain or migraine.

Applying neem oil on the forehead ends the headache.

Uses of Neem to Stop Nasal Bleeding 

Grind equal quantities of neem leaves and carom seeds. Bleeding from the nose i.e. nosebleeds stops by applying it on the temples.

Use of neem leaves and oil in ear problems

  1. Ear diseases can also be cured by the benefits of neem.
  2. Mix equal quantities of honey in the juice of neem leaves. Putting 2-2 drops in the ear in the morning and evening is beneficial. Clean the ear thoroughly before inserting it.
  3. If pus comes from your ear, mix honey with neem oil. And soaking cotton in it and keeping it in the ear is beneficial.
  4. Heat 40 ml of neem oil and 5 grams of beeswax on fire. When the wax melts, mix 750 mg powder of inflated alum in it and keep it in a vial. By putting 3-4 drops of this mixture twice a day, it stops bleeding in the ear.
  5. Cook 40 ml sesame oil mixed with 40 ml juice of neem leaves. When only the oil remains, filter it and by putting 3-4 drops in the ear, bleeding from the ear stops.

Benefits of Neem to Cure Eye Problems

  1. Using neem is also very beneficial in all diseases related to eyes like pain, itching, redness etc. 
  2. Warm the juice of soft neem leaves and drip 2-2 drops in the ear on the other side of the eye where there is pain. If there is pain in both the eyes, then drip it in both the ears. The pain will end.
  3. Tie neem leaves and powder equal to Lodhra in a bundle and put that bundle in water. By putting 2-3 drops of this water in the eyes, diseases like swelling and pain in the eyes are removed.
  4. If there is pain in the eyes along with swelling and itching is also happening inside, then grinding neem leaves and dry ginger and mixing a little rock salt is beneficial.
  5. . Heat it slightly. Put it on a cloth bandage and tie it on the eyes. This eye disease goes away in 2-3 days. At this time, eyes should be protected from cold water and cold wind. It would be better to use this at night.
  6. Put half a kilogram of neem leaves in the middle of two earthen pots and put them in the fire of the kando. After cooling, dry the inner ash mixed with 100 ml lemon juice. Store it in an airtight bottle. Applying this ash in the eyes like kajal provides relief in itching and burning of the eyes.
  7. Grind 50 grams neem leaves with water and cook them in mustard oil.
  8. And when it becomes black by burning, then mixing it in the same oil, one tenth part camphor and tenth part Kalmi Shora can be mixed.
  9. Beat it a lot and keep it in a glass vial. Apply it like kajal in the eyes at night and wash the eyes with triphala water in the morning. It removes eye problems like itching, burning, redness etc. and increases eyesight.
  10. Mix 20 cloves of neem, 20 grams of zinc bhasma, 6 pieces of cloves, 6 pieces of small cardamom and 20 grams of sugar candy. Make a kajal by grinding it into a very fine piece. By applying it in the eyes with a needle in the morning and evening, all kinds of diseases of the eyes are removed and the eyesight also increases.
  11. Spread ten grams of clean cotton and spread 20 dried neem leaves on it, sprinkle one gram of camphor powder and light it by wrapping cotton.
  12. . Soak this lamp in 10 grams of cow’s ghee and burn it. Make kajal out of it. Applying this kajal in the eyes at night cures eye diseases like waterfall, redness etc.It proves to be even more beneficial for children. 
  13. In Vamani or Salak disease, the eyelids of the eyes become thick, itchy, the eyelashes fall and the edges of the eyelids become red. In this disease, cook the juice of neem leaves and make it thick. Cooling it and applying it in the form of kajal is beneficial.
  14. Applying the powder of neem seed fenugreek (1 or 2 needles) regularly in the eyes like kajal, it is beneficial in cataract.
  15. Break the neem flowers, dry them in the shade and mix equal quantities of Kalmi Shora and grind them finely and filter them with a cloth.
  16. By applying it in the eyes like kajal, it is beneficial in eye diseases like haze, mesh, cataract etc. and eyesight is also good.
  1. In night blindness, apply the milk of raw neem fruit like kajal in the eyes. There will be definite benefits.

Uses of Neem in Treating Dental Disease

Neem Datun has been used since very ancient times to clean teeth. Teeth-related diseases are not caused by teething neem.

  1. Grind 50 grams powder of neem root bark, 50 grams gold ocher and 10 grams rock salt, mix these three into a fine powder. Soak it in the juice of neem leaves and dry it in the shade. It was a feeling. Give three such feelings and keep it dry in a vial. Brushing the teeth with this powder cures bleeding, pus, blisters in the mouth, bad breath, nausea etc. 
  2. Crush 100 grams of neem root and boil it in half a liter of water till one-fourth remains. Gargling with this water cures many diseases of the teeth.

Neem Benefits in TB Disease

Filling 4-4 ​​drops of neem oil in capsules and taking them thrice a day prevents TB. Like there is benefit in disease.

Neem Benefits in Asthma 

Putting 3-6 drops of pure neem seed oil in betel leaves and eating it, it provides relief in shortness of breath, etc.

Neem Benefits in Cure Stomach Bugs

  1. Stomach diseases can also be cured by the benefits of neem.
  2. Make a powder by taking equal quantities of neem bark, Indrajou and Waibidang. Mix one-fourth gram of roasted asafetida in 1.5 grams of this powder. Mix this mixture with honey and take it twice a day, it ends stomach worms.
  3. Stomach worms are killed by eating 8-10 leaves of neem with brinjal or any other vegetable. Read more – Neem is beneficial in lowering ESR rate
  4. Taking out the juice of neem leaves and drinking it in 5 ml quantities kills stomach worms.

Neem Benefits in Acidity Problem

  1. Mix all 6-6 grams of neem seeds, coriander, dry ginger and sugar together. By making its decoction and drinking it in the morning and evening, the problem of sour belching, indigestion and excessive thirst is removed.
  2. This use is also beneficial in fever caused by bile i.e. acidity.
  3. Keep one part of the fine powder of Neem Panchang, 2 parts of Vidhara powder and 10 parts of Sattu together. Consuming it with honey in the proper quantity is beneficial in acidity.

Neem Benefits in Cure Stomach Pain

Cook 40-50 grams of neem bark with barley in 400 ml water and add 10 grams of salt to it. When half is left, give it lukewarm and it provides relief in stomachache.

  1. Benefits of neem in dysentery.
  2. You can also get relief in diarrhea with the benefits of neem
  3. Boil 50 grams of inner bark of neem in 300 ml water for half an hour and filter it. Boil this filtered bark again in 300 ml water. When 200 ml is left, filter it and fill it in the vial and add the previously filtered water to it. Give 50-50 ml of this water to the patient thrice a day, it stops diarrhea.
  4. Take 125-250 mg ash of inner bark of neem with 10 ml curd twice a day. It is beneficial in amritsar i.e. diarrhoea.
  5. Bloody dysentery is cured by eating 3-4 ripe niboulis every morning and hunger is open.
  6. Take 1.5 grams camphor mixed with 10 grams neem leaves. Grinding it and consuming it is beneficial in cholera.

Benefits of Neem Tree to Stop Vomiting

  1. Grind 7 seeds of neem with 2 big cardamom and 5 black peppercorns into a fine paste. Mixing it with 250 ml of water and drinking it stops vomiting.
  2. Taking 5-10 mg of neem bark juice mixed with honey is beneficial in vomiting and anorexia.
  3. Grind 20 grams neem leaves in 100 ml water and filter it. Taking 50 ml of this in the morning and evening is beneficial in vomiting and anorexia.
  4. Roast 8-10 soft leaves of neem in ghee and eat it, it ends the distaste caused by food.

Benefits of Neem Tree in Piles Treatment

  1. Grind 50 ml neem oil, 3 grams raw alum and 3 grams honey and mix it finely. After washing during defecation, apply this mixture to the inside of the anus with the finger. It cures piles in a few days.
  2. Take dried kernels of neem seeds and buckwheat seeds, 50-50 grams of small myrobalan, pure rasaut and 5 grams asafoetida toasted in ghee. Make a fine powder of all these. Make tablets of 500 mg by grinding 50 grams of dried dry grapes in it. Taking 1-2 tablets with goat’s milk or fresh water twice a day is beneficial in all types of piles. The bleeding stops and the pain also ends.
  3. Taking 1-2 grams of fine powder of crushed dry nibori with peel on an empty stomach in the morning gives great benefit to the patient of piles. It is to be consumed with water kept at night. Be sure to use ghee while consuming it, otherwise eyesight may be affected.
  4. Mix equal quantities of neem seed kernel, alua and rasaut and make tablets by grinding it. Taking one tablet with buttermilk in the morning is beneficial in piles.
  5. Grind 100 grams kernel of neem seeds and 200 grams root bark. Make tablets of 1-1 grams and feed it 4-4 tablets 4 times a day for seven days. Along with this, wash the warts with neem decoction or grind the leaves and tie them on the warts. There will be definite benefits in piles.
  6. Fry 100 grams of dry nibouli in 50 ml sesame oil and grind it. Make an ointment by mixing 6 grams beeswax, 1 gram puffed blue cloth and this powder in the remaining oil. Applying it on piles warts 2-3 times a day ends the warts.
  7. Grind 20 grams kernels of neem seeds, 2 grams of alum blossoms and 3 grams of gold ocher. Make it like an ointment. If it does not become like an ointment, then adding some ghee or butter or kernel oil should be mixed in it. By applying it, the pain of warts is removed immediately. The bleeding stops and the warts wither. In this experiment, an ointment can also be made in castor oil by mixing camphor.
  8. Mix 50 grams camphor and 50 grams neem seed kernel oil. Applying it on the warts in a small amount is beneficial.

Benefits of Neem Tree in Fighting with Jaundice

  1. Mix 5 grams ghee and 10 grams honey in one gram fine powder of Neem Panchang. By consuming it, the lack of blood in the body is removed and jaundice is cured. If Ghee and Honey do not suit anyone, then one gram Panchang Churna can be taken with cow’s urine or water or cow’s milk.
  2. Grind 6 grams of neem seed and 6 grams of white punarnava root in water and filter it. Drinking it for a few days is beneficial in jaundice.
  3. Take neem leaf, Giloy leaf, Guma (Dronpushpi) leaf and small myrobalan (all 6-6 grams) and grind them all. Cook it in 200 ml of water. Sieve when 50 ml is left. Mixing 10 grams of jaggery with it and taking it in the morning and evening gives a special benefit in jaundice. Before consuming this decoction, lick 200 mg Shilajit with 6 grams of honey.
  4. If jaundice occurs due to obstruction in the bile duct, mix three grams dry ginger powder and 6 grams honey in 10-20 ml neem leaf juice. Drinking an empty stomach in the morning for three days is beneficial. Do not use ghee, oil, sugar and jaggery while taking the medicine. Take curd and rice as food.
  5. Take an equal quantity of dried neem leaves, neem root bark, flowers and fruits and grind them into a fine powder. Take one gram of this powder by mixing it with ghee and honey twice a day or with cow’s urine or cow’s milk or water. Jaundice will be cured.
  6. Mix 10 ml juice of Adusa leaf and 10 grams honey in 10 ml juice of neem leaves. Consuming it on an empty stomach every morning is beneficial in jaundice.
  7. Mix a little sugar in 20 ml of neem leaf juice and take it after heating it a little. Consuming it once a day for three days is also beneficial.
  8. Grind 5-6 soft leaves of neem, mix honey and consume it, it is also beneficial in jaundice, urinary diseases and stomach diseases.
  9. Mix 10 grams honey in 10 ml juice of neem leaves and take it for 5-6 days, it is very beneficial in jaundice.

Neem Leaf Benefits in Gonorrhea

  1. Diabetes is also called diabetes. Make a cake by grinding neem leaves and fry them well in a little cow’s ghee. After burning the cake, after filtering the ghee and taking it with roti, it is beneficial in gonorrhea.
  2. Mix honey in 10 ml juice of neem leaves and consume it daily. Prameha disease means diabetes is beneficial.
  3. Mix one gram of blue tea with 20 ml juice of neem leaves and dry them. Put it in cowries and burn it and burn it. Take 250 mg bhasma with cow’s milk twice a day. There will be benefits in Prameha i.e. diabetes.
  4. Grind 40 grams neem bark coarsely and add 2.5 liters of water. Cook it in an earthen pot. When 200 ml remains, filter and cook again and add 20 or 25 grams of Kalmi Shora powder with a pinch and stir with neem wood. When dry, keep it aside. Taking 250 mg with lassi of cow’s milk daily provides quick relief in diabetes.

Neem Leaf Benefits in Cure Kidney Stone

Take 500 mg ash of neem leaves with water continuously for a few days. Eating it thrice a day breaks the stones.

After grinding two grams of neem leaves in 50 to 100 ml water and drinking it for one and a half months, the stone breaks down. It has to be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Neem Uses in Healing Nipple Wounds

Cook 25 grams neem leaves in 50 ml mustard oil and dissolves them. Wash and wipe the wound with a decoction of neem leaves. After that, apply oil mixed with ash and tie a bandage by applying some dry ash from above. There is a lot of relief in 2-3 days. After this, wash it daily with neem decoction and apply neem oil. The wound will heal and dry up immediately.

Neem Benefits in Relief from Vaginal Pain

Sometimes women get pain in the vagina. Make tablets by grinding neem kernels with the juice of neem leaves. Seal the tablet by placing it inside the cloth (a string should be hanging in it). Keeping one tablet in the vagina every day provides relief in pain.

  1. Mix equal quantity of neem seed kernel, castor seed kernel and neem leaf juice. Make a candle and put it in the vagina, it ends vaginal pain.
  2. Wash neem bark in water several times, soak cotton in that water and keep it in the vagina daily. Burn the bark left over after washing and burn its smoke on the mouth of the vagina. Along with this, wash the vagina frequently with neem water. Loose vagina hardens with these uses.

Neem Uses in Cure Menstrual Problems

Take 20 grams of coarsely crushed neem bark, 6 grams of carrot seeds, 6 grams of dhak seeds, 20 grams of black sesame and old jaggery. Cook them in an earthen pot with 300 ml of water. If 100 ml is left, filter it and drink it for seven days. It is beneficial in menstrual disorders. It should not be given to a pregnant woman.

Neem Uses in Leucorrhea Treatment

Make 10-30 ml decoction by taking an equal quantity of neem bark and acacia bark. Taking 10-20 ml decoction morning and evening is beneficial in white leucorrhoea.

Grind an equal quantity of Giloy with 10 grams of neem bark and mix two spoons of honey and give it thrice a day. This helps in excessive bleeding during menstruation.

Neem Benefits after Post Delivery Problems

  1. Neem removes problems during or after delivery.
  2. If there is more pain during delivery, then taking 3-6 grams powder of neem seeds is beneficial.
  3. After delivery, 10-20 ml decoction of neem bark should be given in the morning and evening for 6 days to remove the stagnant blood.
  4. Grind 6 grams bark of neem with water. Mixing 20 grams of ghee and taking it with kanji is beneficial in post-delivery diseases.
  5. Burning neem wood in the maternity room is also good for the health of the newborn baby.

Neem Benefits in Cure Syphilis

Syphilis or syphilis is a type of sexually transmitted disease. Neem is also beneficial in this. Grind 20 grams of neem bark coarsely and put it in 1 liter of boiling water and leave it overnight. Filter it in the morning and give 50 ml to the patient and clean the wound of the penis with the remaining water. During this experiment, eat only ghee, Khand, and thin wheat bread.

Neem Benefits as Contraceptive 

Wetting a cotton swab in pure neem oil and keeping it inside the vagina before intercourse does not establish a pregnancy.

Dissolve 10 grams of neem gum in 250 ml of water and filter it with a cloth. Soak a clean muslin cloth 45 cm long and 45 cm wide in this water and dry it in the shade. After drying, cut round pieces of 0.3 cm diameter and fill them in a clean vial. Put a piece inside the vagina before intercourse. This does not prevent pregnancy. After an hour take it out and throw it away.

Benefits of Neem in Gout Disease

  1. Cook 20 grams of neem leaves, 20 grams of bitter parwal leaves in 300 ml water. Taking one-fourth cup of honey mixed with honey in the morning and evening purifies the blood and pacifies the vata dosha. It is beneficial in gout disease. Along with this, neem leaves should be boiled in kanji or buttermilk and grinded and applied on the joints.
  2. Grind the inner bark of 20 grams neem with water very finely and apply a thick paste on the place of pain. After drying, take off the coating and apply again. This gives relief in joint pain within 3-4 times.
  3. Take 10-20 drops of neem bark extract for 2-4 days. After two hours, eat freshly made roti with ghee. It is beneficial in paralysis and arthritis and many other types of pain are also removed.
  4. Massaging neem seed oil is beneficial in rheumatism.
  5. After feeding a few drops of neem seed oil in betel leaves and adding 30 drops of it in rasnadi decoction, give it. Due to this cramps and many types of Vata disorders are removed.

Benefits of Neem in Elephantiasis

Grind 10 grams neem bark and khadir in 50 ml cow urine and filter it. Mixing 6 grams of honey in it and taking it in the morning, afternoon, and evening is beneficial in elephantiasis or filariasis.

Benefits of Neem in Chicken Pox

  1. Mix seven red tender leaves of neem and seven grains of black pepper. By eating it regularly for a month, there is no fear of getting smallpox for a year.
  2. Take equal quantities of neem seeds, baheda seeds and turmeric. After grinding it in cold water and drinking it for a few days, there is no fear of getting smallpox.
  3. Smallpox does not come out for six months by eating three grams of neem saplings continuously for 15 days. Even if it comes out, the eyes do not get hurt.
  4. If there is a lot of heat in smallpox grains, then grind 10 grams of tender leaves of neem. Its juice should be diluted very thinly. A thick coating should never be applied on smallpox grains.
  5. Grind 5-10 kernels of neem seeds in water and apply it, it ends the burning sensation of chicken pox.
  6. If the patient of smallpox feels excessive thirst, then quench the neem bark by burning its coals in water and after filtering this water and giving it to the patient, thirst is quenched. If thirst is not satisfied even then, boil 10 grams of tender leaves in one liter of water. When half the water remains, then filter it and drink it.
  7. Apart from thirst, it also eases smallpox poisoning and high fever. Due to this, the pimples of smallpox also dry up quickly.
  8. If smallpox does not come out openly and the patient is restless, starts crying and starts crying, then 10 ml juice of green leaves of neem should be given in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  9. When smallpox is cured, take a bath with a decoction of neem leaves.
  10. When the hairs of smallpox grains dry up and fall off, small pits appear in their place and the shape deteriorates. Applying neem oil or neem seeds mixed with water on these places gets rid of the stains.
  11. If the patient of smallpox suffers from hair fall, then applying neem oil on the head for a few days, the hair gets frozen again.
  12. Make a powder of 5 pieces black pepper in 10 grams decoction of neem and take it every morning for a few days to get rid of diseases like smallpox.

Uses of Neem in Leprosy Treatment

  • Neem is beneficial in many diseases arising in the human body, but its main function is to cure leprosy, skin diseases and blood diseases. There is no other medicine like this in the world to cure skin diseases. The leprosy patient should follow the following rules.
  • A leprosy patient should stay under a neem tree for twelve months.
  • Neem wood should be brushed.
  • Fresh neem leaves should be spread on the bed.
  • Bath should be done with a decoction of neem leaves.
  • Mixing ash of neem leaves in neem oil should be applied daily wherever there is a white spot.
  • Drink 10 ml juice of neem leaves every morning.
  • The juice of neem leaves and neem oil should be massaged all over the body.
  • 50-50 ml of neem should be drunk both times after meals.
  1. The following uses are beneficial for the treatment of leprosy-
  2. Fill one kg each of neem bark and turmeric and two kg jaggery in a big earthen pot. Put 50 liters of water in it and cover the pot with horse dung by tying the mouth. Remove the extract after 15 days. Taking 10-20 ml in the morning and evening is beneficial in leprosy that dissolves the body. After taking the medicine, take gram flour with ghee in the food.
  3. Take 10 grams of Neem powder with celibacy regularly with 20 ml decoction of Khair. It is very beneficial in skin diseases like leprosy etc.
  4. Make a dry powder by taking one part each of Neem’s Panchang. Keep it safe by mixing one part each of Trikatu and Triphala and 1 part turmeric powder. Taking 2 to 3 grams with honey, ghee or lukewarm water cures diseases like cough, poison, diabetes and leprosy.
  5. Feed 1 kernel of neem seeds to the leprosy patient on the first day, 2 kernels on the second day, in the same way, increasing it by 1-1 kernels to 100 kernels. Lower it back to 1 kernel. After that stop the intake. During this experiment, nothing should be given to the patient except gram bread and ghee. This method is extremely beneficial in leprosy.
  6. Take five fresh neem leaves and 10 grams of green amla (in the absence of green gooseberry, six grams of dried gooseberry). Before sunrise in the morning, grind it and drink it in freshwater. Along with this, grinding banana with alkali, turmeric and cow urine and applying it on white spots i.e. white leprosy is beneficial.
  7. Cut equal parts of Gorakhmundi flowers, raw turmeric and jaggery and fill it in a pot. Put 10 times water in it, close the mouth well and keep it in the horse’s tail for 15 days. After that, take out the extract. By taking 10 ml in the morning and evening for 3-4 months, white leprosy of the whole body is cured. Do not consume milk, curd and buttermilk at the time of consumption. Reduce the use of salt. Apart from white leprosy, this remedy is also beneficial on other leprosy.
  8. Take equal parts of neem leaves, flowers and fruits and grind them with water. Taking 2 grams with water is beneficial in white leprosy.

Neem Benefits in Cure Skin Problems

  1. Grind 10 grams of fresh bark of neem root and 10 grams of kernel of neem seed separately in the juice of fresh neem leaves. Mix it well. While mixing, keep pouring the juice of the leaves on top. When together it becomes like rubbish, then use it.
  2. This ubtan removes all the diseases of the skin like itching, ringworm, pimples caused by rain and heat, cold pitta (bile discharge) and body odor etc.
  3. In case of eczema, ringworm, itching, boils, pimples, syphilis, etc., grind the dry bark of a 100-year-old neem tree into a fine powder. Soak 3 grams powder in 250 ml water at night and filter it in the morning and drink it after mixing honey. All types of skin diseases can be cured. 
  4. Eczema is dry or pus.
  5. By soaking the bandage in the juice of neem leaves and changing it, it is beneficial. Grinding neem leaves and applying it is also beneficial.
  6. Make a decoction by mixing equal quantities of Manjishthadi decoction and peepal bark, neem and giloy with 10 grams of bark in incurable / incurable buttermilk. Taking 10-20 ml regularly in the morning and evening for a month gives complete benefit.
  7. Grind 8-10 leaves of neem with curd and honey and apply it, it provides relief in herpes and wounds.
  8. Mix equal parts of catechu, sulphur, honey, pitta papada, blue thotha and fennel in the juice of neem leaves and grind them to make a tablet. Grind the tablet in water and apply it on ringworm. It is beneficial in skin diseases.
  9. Soak the inner bark of neem in water overnight. Filter this water in the morning and take it with four grams of gooseberry powder twice a day, it cures old pitta.

Neem Uses in Wounds Healing

Always wash the bleeding wound thoroughly with a decoction of neem leaves. After this, fill the ash of neem bark in it. The wound heals completely in 7-8 days.

  1. Cook 10 grams neem kernels and 20 grams beeswax in 100 grams of oil. When both are mixed well, take it off the fire and mix 10 grams of resin powder and shake it well. This ointment is beneficial for fire burns and other wounds.
  2. Applying neem oil on the place burnt by fire gives quick benefits. It also calms the burning sensation.
  3. Mix 10 grams camphor in 50 ml neem oil and keep a cotton swab dipped in it and keep it on the wound, it dries up the wound. Before this, clean the wound with a decoction of neem leaves mixed with alum.
  4. Mix camphor in neem oil on the wounds of the fistula and other places. Making a light and keeping it inside and tying a bandage of the same oil on top is beneficial.
  5. This treatment is also beneficial in goiter, goiter etc.
  6. Taking six grams of neem’s Panchang powder daily regularly provides relief in old fistulas.
  7. In the rainy season, children’s boils come out. In such a condition, take 6-10 ripe nibouli of neem with water 2-3 times. This eliminates pimples.
  8. In hematoma disease, ripening and flowing lumps come out in the body. Grinding neem wood in water and applying a paste of about one inch i.e. 2.5 cm thick, it is beneficial in hematoma disease.

Neem is Beneficial in Fever

  1. Mix 20-20 grams of neem, basil and hurhur leaves and giloy and six grams of black pepper. Make a fine powder by mixing it with water and make a tablet of 2.5-2.5 grams. Take 1-1 tablets with warm water at an interval of 2-2 hours. Fever will be cured soon.
  2. Make a powder by mixing 5 grams of neem bark and half a gram of cloves or cinnamon. Taking it in the quantity of two grams with water in the morning and evening ends simple viral fever, intermittent typhoid fever and blood disorders.
  3. Make a decoction of neem bark, coriander, red sandalwood, padmakashth, giloy and dry ginger and take it in 10-30 ml quantity, it is beneficial in all types of fever.
  4. Grind the inner bark of 20 grams neem root coarsely. Mix 160 ml water in it and soak it overnight in the pot and cook it in the morning. If one-fourth i.e. 40 ml of water remains, filter it and give it lukewarm, it provides relief in fever.
  5. Grind the inner bark of 50 grams neem root coarsely. Boil it in 600 ml water for 18 minutes and filter it. In high fever when no medicine is beneficial
  6. Taking this decoction in the amount of 40 to 60 ml 2-3 times before fever rises, it is beneficial.
  7. Take equal parts of neem bark, dry ginger, peepalmool, myrobalan, kutki and amaltas. Cook it in one liter of water till one-eighth part remains. Take 10-20 ml of this decoction in the morning and evening. The fever will end.
  8. Mix equal parts of neem bark, dry grapes and giloy. Make a decoction in 100 ml water and take 20 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening, it is beneficial in fever.
  9. Grind the soft leaves of neem by mixing half alum of alum. Make tablets of half a gram. Taking one tablet each with sugar candy syrup is very beneficial in all types of fever, especially high fever.

Neem Purifies Blood

  1. The bark of neem root is best in blood purifiers. When the plague has spread, the consumption of neem does not cause any ill effects of the plague. Neem is a yogic substance, which reaches the small pores of the body and destroys the harmful animals there.
  2. Make a decoction of neem or cold juice and drink 5-10 ml daily, it ends blood disorders.
  3. Make a decoction of 10 grams of neem leaves and take, it is beneficial in the heat of the blood.
  4. Mix honey in 20 ml juice of neem leaves and juice of Adusa leaves and take it twice a day, it purifies blood.
  5. After filtering the neem’s Panchang in water, give 10-10 ml in the amount of 15-15 minutes. Along with this, tying a poultice of its leaves on the knots of plague and keeping it fumigated around is beneficial in plague.

Neem Benefits in Heat Stroke

Mix 10 grams neem powder and 10 grams sugar candy. Grind it with water and drink it, it removes the heat of the body, and the problems caused by heatstroke are removed.

Neem Uses as a Contraceptive

The use of neem as a contraceptive is described in books, but this effect of neem requires further research.

Neem Uses as an Antibacterial Property

If you are troubled by any type of bacterial infection, then using neem can be beneficial for you because according to research, antibacterial properties are found in neem.

Neem Beneficial to Control Diabetes 

Consumption of neem can help you in controlling the amount of sugar in diabetes because according to research, neem has anti-diabetic activity, which helps in controlling the amount of sugar in the blood.

The benefit of Neem to Treat Asthma 

The use of neem is helpful in reducing the symptoms of asthma because neem has every phlegm property that helps in reducing the symptoms of asthma.

The benefit of Neem to Treat Cancer

Research has found that the consumption of neem is helpful in preventing the spread of cancer, because it has anti-carcinogenic properties, due to which it prevents cancer from spreading in the body.

Neem Beneficial in Blood Purification

If you are troubled by skin-related disorders due to impurities in your blood, then consumption of neem is a panacea for you, as neem has blood purifier properties.

Neem Beneficial to Get Relief from Gout

If you are troubled by joint pain, then you can use neem, because neem has anti-inflammatory properties, which removes swelling of the joints and gives relief in pain.

The benefit of Neem to Control Cholesterol

Neem leaf extract can help control your cholesterol because according to research, neem leaves do not allow cholesterol to increase by increasing metabolism.

The benefit of Neem mouth ulcers

If you are troubled by ulcers, then it can be beneficial for you to chew neem leaves as well as eat them, because neem leaves have healing properties that help in healing the ulcers quickly.

Neem Beneficial to Treat Pimples

Neem is the most famous natural remedy used as a medicine for the skin. Also, it can be used on acne in both ways, that is, neem can be applied directly on the face, and eating it also cures skin disorders or diseases.

Neem Beneficial to Treat Digestion Related Problems

If you are troubled by digestive problems due to the liver, then you can start consuming neem. Because neem has hepatoprotective properties, which keep the liver healthy and get rid of digestive problems.

Neem Beneficial in Skin Infections

There is no better option than neem to get relief from skin infections because neem has antibacterial and antiviral-like properties that help in curing skin infections.

Neem Reduces Poisson’s Effects

  1. Grind two parts of nibouli by mixing 1 part rock salt and black pepper powder. Taking 1-2 grams of powder mixed with honey or ghee destroys the effects of plant and animal venom.
  2. Grind 8-10 ripe and raw nibouli and mix it in hot water and give it to the vomiting.
  3. Due to this, the effect of poisons of opium, Sankhiya, Vatsanabh etc. ends soon.
  4. It is said that by consuming lentils with neem leaves and greens when the Sun is in Aries, there is no fear of poison for a year and there is no effect on the bite of a poisonous animal.

Special Benefits of Neem

  1. As soon as you wake up in the morning, brushing neem teeth and gargling with decoction of flowers makes the teeth and gums healthy and strong.
  2. The body remains healthy by taking rest in its cool shade in the afternoon.
  3. Mosquitoes run away in the evening from the smoke of its dry leaves.
  4. By chewing its soft buds, digestion remains fine.
  5. By keeping dry leaves in the grain, insects do not get in them.
  6. Taking a bath after boiling neem leaves in water gets rid of many diseases. Hair lice die from head-bathing.
  7. Rubbing the root of neem in water, it gets rid of acne and pimples and the face becomes beautiful.
  8. Keeping the bundle prepared by dipping it in neem oil does not prevent pregnancy. Therefore it is a good tool for family planning.
  9. The juice of neem leaves purifies the blood and the blood also increases. It should be consumed daily in the amount of 5 to 10 ml.
  10. Grind 21 neem leaves daily with soaked moong dal. Without adding spices, frying pakodas in ghee, eating it for 21 days and eating only buttermilk and eating rice in case of hunger is beneficial in piles. During this, do not eat salt at all (you can take some rock salt).

Beneficial Parts of Neem Tree

Medicinal parts of neem that we can use as medicine

  • root bark
  • neem stems
  • leaves
  • Fruit
  • wood
  • Seed
  • neem oil
  • flower

Uses & Doses of Neem

Powder – 1-3 grams

Decoction – 50-100 ml

Use neem as per the doctor’s advice for maximum benefits.

Side Effects & Precautions of Neem

  1. The disadvantages of neem can also be:-
  2. Neem reduces sexual power. Therefore, those who have such problems should not use neem.
  3. Even those who drink alcohol early in the morning should not consume it.
  4. If you are facing any problem by eating neem, then you can remove its side effects by consuming ghee, rock salt, and cow’s milk.

Where is the Neem tree found?

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of neem ka ped in India. After this, it is found in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, West Bengal, Rajasthan, etc. respectively. It mainly grows naturally in the plains, along the roads, on the ridges of the fields, around the villages, and on the vacant land. Due to its medicinal properties, it is now being grown almost all over India.

Neem is native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Due to its versatile properties, it has also been grown in the Caribbean countries including South-East Asia, Australia, Africa, Central America states, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

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