Jala Neti benefits for health

Jala neti how to clean up our knees with passages this will need a lecture and today we’re obviously going to be talking about Korea’s now understand that you may not associate nasal cleaning with yoga but there’s a direct link to it now not only does yoga consist of asanas and pranayama but it also consists of practices called Korea’s.

This means cleansing practices and now these crias are self of several different kinds but we will be focusing on Nithya kriyas which are centered around cleaning the nasal passage and the nasal cavity so let’s get right into it now all of us have a morning routine which obviously involves brushing our teeth and cleaning up the cavity in our mouth and making sure that everything is cleaned up

In that region but we often neglect the nasal cavity which is literally from where we inhale and exhale and where we take in life force from but ancient Yogi’s used to make sure that they cleaned up that region as well and somewhere along with we kind of excluded

That practice from our daily routine of cleaning up and I’m going to tell you that we need to bring it back so the first one that we’re going to focus on is called Sutra lately and what this really does is it cleans up our nasal passage in a way that makes sure we can breathe better and it allows us to stay away from diseases so sinusitis the common cold or even our mumps can all be eliminated by just practicing kriyas consistently day after day so Susur deity.

We use the tapa tube which looks something like this which is about 15 inches long and it’s not very wide it has to basically fit through your nostrils so softly that way but how we perform this Kriya is basically we take this closed thinner end push it into our nostrils and move it all the way downwards and then remove it from our mouth so I’m not actually demonstrating it right now for you

Because we need saline water and a full tutorial where we demonstrate this but right not just to understand here Retta clean what Natick free us can do for you.

They basically clean up your entire nasal passage and any blockages any mucus any dust particles that are present they are completely removed and you really feel like you can breathe better just because of this 180 practice and one of the reasons we in specially yoke ensure that underneath are just cleaned up is because we believe that there are lunar and solar energies there were constantly taking in from our nostrils.

I have one nostril that is a little blocked and the other is more active you’re good and like it’s going to be highly imbalanced and that’s going to cause a lot of problems in your physiological systems and also your biological systems within your body so, for example, let’s think one part of your nose is completely blocked let’s say the left nostril and the right nostril is super active so what tends to happen in that situation is that the right nostril which governs the heat energy will be more active and they’ll be just way too much heat production within your body and on the other hand.

If your left nostril is too active that that produces the cooling effect gonna be too much cooling energy in your body so it’s important to kind of balance out both the energies and the temperature cycles also for with it for yourself another reason we kind of do these v-p kriyas is that the minute has a blockage in your nose is less air that’s going inside your system now we all know that we need oxygen and this vital air component to really perform most of our biological functions so we have less oxygen going inside.

Your body there’s a less oxygen you into different parts of your body like your brain or wherever else we needed to perform physiological functions and because of that your immunity drops and in general the overall well-being kind of reduces and your immunity levels are low so to avoid all of that you might as well use this suture and actually do the nisi Prius and just make sure that you’re in better shape and I know the saying goes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but honestly anything reality really will keep the Joey and so I think is really important to bring this back into your daily routine of self-care and in really practices so when we do the tutorials.

you can go through it and do it simultaneously with me at that time and otherwise if you do already have a yoga teacher that you’re going to please ask them to help you with the Navy career practices and I’m sure they make a huge difference in your life now the second type of Kriya we’re going to look at is called Charlie pea this journey involves the use of virtual neti pots which looks somewhat like this now for even the rabbinate II and this Charlie II equipment.

You can get it from Karbala thumb you can see that’s where I got my stuff from and that’s where I’ve studied and lived my whole life as well so if you need to get this you can approach the reception and ask them for a journal a teapot or a suit on YouTube and they will hand it over to you it’s not that expensive it’s a prop-less than 100 rupees so it should be pretty cost-effective and budget-friendly for you now how you actually practice this is again.

You use saline water so which is basically warm water mixed with salt and what we have to do is fill that up in this and then put the spout of this little kettle near your nose tilt your head and allow the water to pass through one nostril and then go through and come out of the other nostril so again I’m not demonstrating it for you right now.

But that’s the basic way in which you perform this Navy fear practice again the reason we use warm water and mix it with salt is that it’s believed that the general constitution of mucus natural mucus within your body is worn in saline and so to not cause too much disturbance and to stay in states with equilibrium we use the warm water and also make it saline and then pass it through and what you need to keep in mind.

While doing this practice is that you’re standing erect your hand is placed comfortably behind your spine you’re tilting into this Kriya and also you need to make sure that you’re breathing from your mouth while you in the practice because obviously if there’s water going.

If you’re not showing you breathe at the same time that’s just gonna cause discomfort so you try and reach through my mouth while doing this practice and clean up your entire knees the faster genuine all of your nostrils now what our advice is that you do so through anything before being jolly neatly because that anyway cleans up to a better extent he needs the pathogen and the water is able to pass more easily through each nostril so that is the explanation force journey

In ancient times people believe in yoga science. experienced yoga teacher says if you do yoga daily. You can live a fit and healthy in your old age. There are many types of yoga actions for different diseases. Experienced people share our experience about how to yoga cure your disease. Jal neti is part of satkarm yoga. Satkarm yoga has many techniques like Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Kapalabhati, Basti, Trataka.These kriya purifications of your body parts. If I will tell you about jalneti cure your respiratory problem. You can clean your sinus.

Jala neti is one of the most techniques using in Ayurveda for cleaning and respiratory problems. Jal neti is part of sat karma. Many people are using this yoga in our daily life. Jal neti is part of sat karma yoga which is beneficial in respiratory problems like caught, cold, sinus, flu. It is also effective in hypertension, blood pressure, dyspepsia. People have to add to their daily routine because in the coming time is many types of diseases are increased day by day. We have to apply yoga in our life because yoga is one of the best ways for a healthy life.

How we can start to jala neti

We need one Jal Neti pot

  1. We need black salt.
  2. We need one cup of water.
  3. Whenever we start to Jala neti we should take suggestions from the yoga teacher. But if applied in the home be careful.

If you start Jala neti

  1. you need Jal neti pot, black salt, liquwarm water.
  2. Black salt mixed with liqurm water
  3. keep water to jal neti pot.
  4. Start from left nostril and water come from the right nostril or may come by throat than keep water right nostril and water
    come from the left nostril.
  5. Repeat it 3 or 4 time.
  6. You can do jal neti 3-4 times in a week if you suffering from any respiratory problem.
  7. Within one week you feel keep and claim.

 we can also use alum water place of saltwater because alum is an antibiotic and it kills germs and viruses if you will do   Jal Niti alum water it may be more beneficial because alum water kills viruses. We can also use cow ghee and mustard oil in place of alum water.  mustard oil is also antibiotic and it will be the same benefit as alum water

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