Garlic(lahasun) benefits for health

Allium sativum in the Amaryllidaceae family more commonly known as garlic(lahasun) is known today mostly for its culinary role however it is thought to have significant cardioprotective antioxidant and broad-spectrum antimicrobial effects there has been an extensive amount of research done however there are contradictory results and this is likely due to the many manipulations of garlic to make it more consumer-friendly that changed the active constituents and also don’t consider the synergistic effects of garlic.

Botanical description of garlic is mostly cultivated in China so while Gilroy California claims it is the garlic capital of the world almost 80% of the cultivation is done in China and America as a whole cultivates less than 2% of the world’s supply it is a perennial plant that grows best in mild climates and it has flat leaves that grow up to two feet in length there are two subspecies within.

Allium sativum there’s Allium sativum of fees Corydon also known as hard net garlic and Allium sativum Sativa also known as soft net garlic so hard net garlic is composed of an underground bulb with 6 to 11 cloves all circling around a central hard stock and the
stock grows and curls at the top and what is known as an escape and normally after 2 to 3 curls the scape is cut so that the plant’s energy can go towards forming.

The underground bulb but if it were to continue growing as you can see in the top picture it would form a bulbous which is essentially a group of miniature cloves that would eventually flower however these flowers are sterile and there is no pollinator Softnet garlic is composed of 24 cloves that are layered with the largest ones on the outside though most studies don’t specify which subspecies is used although most are thought to be soft net garlic since.

It is more common but no matter what tone is these they are thought to have similar properties traditionally garlic has been used for heart disease abnormal growths infections and colds among other uses it’s mentioned 23 times in de materia medica specifically for its role in cleaning the arteries.

This is interesting because today it’s being investigated for its role in Fross sclerosis which is known as hardening of the arteries it was also known as Russian penicillin during both world wars because it was given to soldiers to treat gangrene and other infections because of its high vitamin C content the Cherokees used it to treat scurvy and Egyptian slaves were also given garlic to give them strength to build the pyramids and cloves were also found in King.

Tut’s tomb although the specific use is not indicated well we right while we widely recognized garlic for its culinary use it wasn’t widely used in cuisine until the 20th century and up until that point it was mainly used in the lower classes because the resulting garlic breath wasn’t thought to be appropriate for the higher classes in the Far East the use was prohibited by monks widows and youth.

It was thought to be an aphrodisiac no spiritually we all know the reference in pop culture today that garlic is a way to ward off vampires and it’s also mentioned in the Bible that the Jews missed it when they left Egypt there are also some satanic references and ancient Islamic myth is that when Satan left the Garden of Eden from his left footprint garlic grew and from his right footprint

Onion grew there’s also another myth that suggests that garlic originated from the blood of Satan in Greece midwives used it to protect infants from the evil eye at births and also advised mothers to sew it into their clothing as a way of continued protection garlic is composed of Alison or Alan and Alan ace and when it’s Tudor chapter crushed in any sort this forms Alison which is a form of an organic sulfur compound this is highly unstable and after 30 seconds 97% of the reaction is complete.

When it’s exposed to oxygen that turns it into different forms of dialogue soul ides and these different forms can be seen in the diagram these dial sulfides are responsible for the very pungent flavor and taste and are also thought to be responsible for many of the medicinal properties that we’ll get into many consumers are not a fan of the very pungent taste so it’s been manipulated to make it more consumer-friendly one way of doing.

This is heating it and you may be familiar with the taste when you heat it mellows out and this is because it just the heat destroys Alan ace so that it cannot react with Alan inform these are sulfur compounds it can also be dehydrated to form powders so when you remove the water it also separates Alan and Alan ace and then when you add water again they’re able to react however this does decrease the content from raw garlic.

You can also age garlic by soaking it in ethanol and extracting and concentrating the compounds when you do this the main compound is SLE cysteine which is significant because this can pass through the GI tract and is stable in the blood whereas Allisyn is not biologically overall it is thought to be cardioprotective most of the studies that were done we’re done in rats it’s been shown to be an anticoagulant so to inhibit playlet aggregation.

Which is significant in the study of atherosclerosis it has also been shown to reduce blood cholesterol specifically low-density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol adjoin has been phone shown to be an antithrombotic which is one of the organosulfur compounds hydrogen sulfides also acts as a vasodilator but it’s important to note that this is only present in freshly crushed garlic so even if it’s fresh garlic.

But you bought it at the store pre-cut it’s not going to have the beneficial effects of hydrogen sulfide there is a lot of anti-cancer activity and anti-inflammatory activity in one study using human cells that had cancer so leukemic cells it was found that adjuvant arrested the cell cycle of only cancer cells and not healthy cells it has also been shown that garlic inhibits NF kappa-b activity which controls DNA transcription.

It’s also important to note that one study found that a high single dose of these compounds did not have any anti-inflammatory activity but low doses over time dead so this would suggest that there are benefits to consuming garlic as a regular part of the diet as a form of preventative medicine garlic also has effects as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial and it has been shown to be bacteriostatic against salmonella it’s also been shown to act as an antifungal adjoin inhibits 98.2% of fungal growth in the case of yeast infections clinically.

There are very different results they’re not very conclusive and this is because as you saw there are different forms of manipulating garlic and even within that there are different forms of doing so so depending on how you denied rate or how you isolate the compounds this changes the active constituents and hence the results and it’s also important to note that it’s very difficult to conduct blind trials using raw garlic because it has a very pungent and recognizable taste and flavor and but overall aged garlic is has been found to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and raw garlic.

When you consume one clove a day for over 26 weeks it was shown to reduce cholesterol by 20% and thromboxane levels by 80% now study on the hypo epidemic are not very conclusive because these often use powdered garlic in the form of capsules and this is the adjuvant levels in this can greatly vary so this is the least conclusive there are limited clinical recommendations for cancer on animal studies do suggest that it is promising specifically in the treatment of blood cancers.

However, there’s not enough to go forth with clinical recommendations other than using it as a part of the regular diet for preventative medicine has been shown to decrease salivary microbial populations so it was tested as a mouthwash and found to be effective this is not thought to be successful commercially because most people would not enjoy the resulting taste and breath

It is also shown to be effective as an antifungal against yeast infection and against athlete’s foot and this has been in some studies that are shown to boost the effectiveness of commonly prescribed medications but in the case of athletes but one of the compounds adjoin was found to actually be more effective than the commonly prescribed medication there are some contraindications aloe methyl sulfide is one of the compounds that cannot be digested so it goes to the blood.

Where it travels to the lungs and is emitted as garlic-breath known as halitosis it can cause GI to upset if you consume too much most commonly in the form of flatulence or diarrhea because of its antiplatelet activities it’s recommended to avoid consuming garlic with other antique violence such as warfarin or aspirin and to avoid it two weeks before scheduled surgery or childbirth it has been shown to decrease the effectiveness of certain HIV and AIDS medications one study also found that consuming.

Garlic can change how your body metabolizes estrogen which has led to a lot of worry about whether or not it decreases the effectiveness of oral contraceptives but more research is needed to go into this and there’s nothing conclusive yet girl it can also cause severe burns as seen in the picture this was a case of self-medication where a man had a fungal infection and chopped up garlic and applied it to his feet and tightly wrapped it.

You can see it resulted in very severe burns most of the cases where burns have been shown are because of self-medication however there have also been cases of severe burns due to self-mutilation currently garlic is sold in supplements over-the-counter it can it is important to note though that the essential oils in aged garlic are often minimal because these are responsible for the very strong taste and smell that consumers are not very fond of but these are also responsible for many of the beneficial effects so you might not be getting these if you’re considering taking dehydrated.

Garlic in pill form it’s important to look for an enteric coating because Allan ace is Alan ace is deactivated by the aesthetic environment of the stomach overall though it’s thought that if you just consume one to two cloves of garlic per day whether as a part of the diet or some people just swallow them

Garlic is easily available in every home. We can use garlic mostly for every vegetable. It is using from ancient times by old people. We can use it as bug-repellant

The availability of sulfur-containing compound Allicin. which is found in fresh, crushed, or grind garlic. They have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Garlic is a part of the onion family. Garlic is full of medicinal properties. Much ayurvedic product prepared by Garlic.

  1. It help to the Blood Purifier

    Garlic helps to cleanse the blood from inside. Its good effect comes in our skin.
    Every day we intake two bids of raw garlic and drink plenty of water every day. It is beneficial in health problems and skin problem
    .Most people are frustrated about our weight. Half lemon juice mixed with a glass of lukewarm water
    adds two buds of garlic to take in the morning time. It will help to cleanse and reduce toxins.
  2. Save from Cold and Flu

    If you are suffering from respiratory problems. You can use 2 – 3 raw or cooked garlic daily or also use garlic tea for cold. Garlic also boosts the immunity system.
    Most laborers use garlic because they work out of home every season. It has many health benefits also. Garlic is an antibiotic property that reduces respiratory problems like the common cold, flu, sinus.
  3. Help in Heart Disease

    Availability of anti-oxidant properties daily use of garlic helps to reduce cholesterol level and manage your blood sugar
    level. If you intake garlic in the cooking form it lost sulfur element. If we intake it in raw form. we can take 100% benefits of garlic.
  4. Anti-bacterial

    Garlic has antibiotic properties. Older people use garlic in their daily routine. We can use garlic for bacterial, fungal parasitic infections
    like tapeworm infections. Garlic products mostly use for respiratory problems.
  5. Prevention in Cancer

    Daily use of garlic help to reduce the risk of stomach and colorectal cancer. It boosts your immunity system and saves the body from germs
    It is also safe from virus infection and helps to prevent skin problems.
  6. Help Skin and Hair problem

    Availability anti-fungal garlic may be the best medicine for infection. It has anti-fungal properties to help kill germs. It helps to reduce skin problems.
  7. Splinters

    Garlic has many medicinal properties. But only some people know about garlic property. In the coming time, we have to know about our
    power of spices and fruits and will have to need to apply in daily lifestyle.
  8. Help with cold

    Garlic is also beneficial in cold and fever. During the cold season, garlic is mixed with mustard oil apply to our body. It will save from viruses and illness.
  9. Good for Diabetes Patient

    Garlic is also helpful in controlling blood sugar. Daily use of garlic bids control glucose in diabetes and increase insulin hormone.
  10. Keep a healthy heart

    The use of two garlic bids daily helps to reduce heart problems.

Even after garlic is good, we are going to tell about some of its important drawbacks below:
Avoid garlic tea or garlic product with low blood pressure.
Many people are allergic to garlic, so people should avoid use up it.
Eating garlic can cause bad breath.
Don’t eat garlic in Sarjati
Be careful when you intake raw garlic then you may have to face the problem of vomiting, gas, flatulence.
Intake garlic during periods may face problems of bleeding by being careful.
Intake row garlic extra use may face vomiting or diarrhea problem.
How to use Garlic?
Garlic can be used in limited quantity in vegetables or row forms
Many people also drink garlic tea.
You can also intake soup form.

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