Fenugreek (methi) benefits for health

Health benefits of fenugreek well if you’re not familiar with fenugreek today we shall see what health benefits it has and why it is great for you to add it into your diet well I personally got familiar with fenugreek when I was breastfeeding my baby and it is widely used for increasing the milk production and improving the quality of milk so well fenugreek.

I normally use I’ll just start with the way you could simply use it I love fenugreek tea and I will just show you I’m using this brand and it is organic well I used fenugreek in the form of a tea but it is a plant that is native to mill and Neary’s and is also widely used in India Fanny Berg has small round leaves that could be dried so you could use it as a dried herb you could use it in the form of the seeds.

You could use it in a firm of the tea which might be made from the seeds of the herb and also you could use it in a form of a supplement or even greened the fenugreek seeds and have the fenugreek powder fenugreek is used in cooking obviously and curry powder is actually the powder that has many spices in it and fenugreek is the one that gives curry that special flavor.

It has really a pungent aroma and has a slightly bitter taste but what’s great about fenugreek is that it is also used for herbal healing most health benefits of fenugreek are due to the presence of subpoenas and fiber in it it contains iron magnesium manganese vitamin b6 copper protein and dietary fiber so now let’s talk about the great health benefit so the first health benefit.

I would mention is that it promotes healthy weight besides it’s really good for improving body’s overall metabolism it is a natural fat burner it helps with digestion and mitt makes you feel full longer it kind of suppresses your appetite because of its fiber it’s all about fiber it swells in the stomach and suppresses the appetite.

It improves the tide of food it’s a fat burner and it improves the digestion so these are the three key factors for maintaining a healthy weight it also helps to maintain healthy blood sugar level and that is also good for people suffering from diabetes it can take an amino acid that improves insulin action and as we’ve mentioned before.

It contains fiber that slows the sugar uptake in the blood there was a two-month study on patients with type 2 diabetes and it showed a drop in their blood sugar levels researchers also reported better insulin sensitivity so it is also good for people who try to prevent diabetes and just you know to make sure that their blood sugar levels are balanced and out of control.

We’ve mentioned that digestion could be improved by turmeric greatly and it is true because it’s ooh this your tummy it reduces the class and the bloating because of the stuff like substance in the seeds it swells in your stomach it can help with the heartburn gastritis and even constipation because it adds the bug that is – because of its high fiber content they are constantly suffering from indigestion.

If you have stomach ulcers obviously you should know to continue taking all medications to consult with your doctor but it is also a great idea to have fenugreek on hand because it helps to treat stomach ulcers and it also lowers the inflammation in the intestinal lining the next all benefit which is also great it helps to lower the cholesterol well the bad cholesterol in our bodies that might promote the arteries to clog and on those clogged they become stuck in the vessel.

So it is really great for supporting your heart health and prevent various cardiovascular diseases what is the Macanese mole for fenugreek lowering the cholesterol well it is high in fiber besides it contains the pawnees and soup on yinz prevent the absorption of cholesterol from food plus the fiber forms the liquid which binds to bile acids and removes them.

This causes the liver to use the body’s cholesterol reserves to make more violations well just a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds will provide you with 11% of dietary of your daily dietary fiber intake which equals 3 grams of fiber among other benefits we could mention that denigrates help to reduce menstrual discomfort also minimizes.

The symptoms of menopause it helps to monitor a number of hormones in your body this way it keeps many bodily processes in line it is also very soothing for the so throat caused by pain or cough traditional Chinese medicine recommends using fenugreek for the patient suffering from various kidney conditions it is high in antioxidants so it really reduces the inflammation in your body it is also beneficial to use for wound healing.

It helps to protect your immune system might be also used to reduce fever and muscle aches in the beginning of this video I have mentioned that lactating mothers will term and ously benefit from using fenugreek because of its ability to improve the quality of the male can also increase the milk production and as you if you’ve ever you know if you’re familiar with the topic and you’ve used that special nursing tea for the mother’s fenugreek is almost every time one of the main ingredients in them.

They were also started on which proved that if you are using fenugreek on a daily basis that say in a powder form, not in huge amounts, of course, it really helps to fight off cancer itself in your body that is showed that the extracts of fenugreek really help to prevent the formation of cancer cells specifically it was effective in pancreatic breast and prostate cancer the same study also indicated that fenugreek was effective against human colon cancer cells so now let’s talk about the ways you could use fenugreek.

I’ve already mentioned you can get it in the supplement form you could use my favorite way of using fenugreek is in the form of the tea I normally just get a tea and it smells really nice to me I’ve really I’m a fan of fenugreek tea and I love this particular brand because it comes in the brother clean tea bag I really like it and there are like tiny tiny seeds there are like ground seeds but not really in a form of a powder and then it is really simple to prepare the tea and you can enjoy up to three cups of this tea daily.

But the only thing is you need to really cover it and wait for about 12 minutes for it to steep so you could get all the benefits of it now another I’ve mentioned that if you could consume and add it to your dishes you could get this these if you get the seeds and you only don’t get a lot in bulk because if you make the powder you really end up with a lot of powder and even for cooking if you use it for cooking you don’t want to use a lot because of its bitter flavor so that’s so as you can see I hope you could see it here the seeds are really really small so and I would again recommend organic tea and organic seeds whenever possible and you could also use the leaves of fenugreek.

While they are actually nutritious and many people do think that they taste great we could use fenugreek in any curry dishes they are so good in soups stews and marinades but keep in mind again that fenugreek has a little bit like the bitter taste you don’t want to use a lot if you want to reduce that bitterness a little there is a way you could draw the seeds it will bring down the bitterness a little.

If you’re using the leaves you could saute them in butter that will also improve the taste you will even be able to sprout the seeds how great is that there is so tiny but they are wonderful for sprouting now let’s talk about the amount of vinegar can you two take well for if you’re going to take vinegar to trick any condition health condition you do need to consult with your doctor and I should say a plant here as far as the allergic reaction so if you’re not for if you don’t know right start with a small amount every time you are going to use it you might experience an allergic
the reaction which would be in a form of air indigestion gas or bloating.

You know see the doctor right away if you experiencing any of that and obviously stop taking fenugreek so now if you’re going let’s say to take it for the milk production like right for the lactating women you could take up to 5,000 milligrams a day which is the standard dosage for the supplement would be like two-three capsules a day however if you’re going to use the fenugreek just as the general health booster you would need to use smaller amounts so let’s say.

If you have a capsule which is 600 milligrams so you could use two of them or three of them every day so this is the smaller amount of the fenugreek well if you’re using fenugreek in the form of tea I’ve mentioned up to three cups could be enjoyed a day if you’re using a penny or infirm of spice to just you know for your cooking obviously just use the amount needed and there are no restrictions.

Because you cannot really use it a lot when you’re cooking with it so hope you guys like this video now you know about everything about fenugreek how it looks like how you could use it what are the best ways to use it about its health benefits and its really long valued medicinal value and I really hope you’ve enjoyed it so as always guys I would a very happy and very healthy.

I wish you to enjoy every single day of your life I’m here am I and I’m really trying to collect the information about various natural things you know herbs you know talking about this video that might be really helpful for you that you might enjoy actually adding to your everyday life that would help you to boost your help and you know probably you will find something that will make you feel better.

Besides if you are into you know the healthy lifestyle and healthy lifestyle changes this might also be beneficial for you because sometimes we hear claims about certain things which are not true or you definitely know that there are some cautions.

When you reach into a bottle of aspirin and take out a pill you know that that pill contains 325 milligrams of acetylsalicylic acid which is the active ingredient and studies have been shown that taking two pills roughly every four hours will curb pain that’s solid scientific evidence now when we look at a herbal supplement like fenugreek it’s interesting I mean it has a reputation basically to reduce blood sugar that is to have an anti-diabetic effect and also to increase lactation for mothers who have trouble producing enough milk they will take fenugreek, however, the story
Here is quite different from the story here what you have in each capsule here is some ground-up seed of the plant roughly about 600 milligrams but herbs are different from single active components because they are composed of dozens of different kinds of compounds and depending on where their source they can actually have a different composition is it possible.

That it lowers blood glucose well there have been studies done on it and the suggestion is that the fiber that is contained in these pills is effective in lowering blood glucose if that’s the case there are better sources of fiber but the real interesting question is whether or not fenugreek can be of help in improving milk production the evidence is largely anecdotal.

There are no solid clinical trials that will tell you how much to take so it’s not the same thing as telling you to take two pills here will reduce the pain that’s solid evidence here it is really quite different if you listen to the German authorities where you know herbalism in Germany is quite advanced they tell you that you need about six grams a day in order to increase milk production well each of the pills in here and I’m just using this particular one as an example there is numerous fenugreek supplements.

You will take according to the instructions about three and a half four grams now the most solid studies and even those that are not so solid will tell us that in order to improve milk production you need more than that another way of telling whether or not you’ve had enough of this they tell you to smell your urine because fenugreek we’ll put some maple syrup-like odor into the urine and you’ll know that you have enough.

When you can actually smell that in your urine it doesn’t sound to me like a very scientific way of going about it is there any risk with this good fenugreek is in the same family as peanuts and in rare cases, there have been allergies people who have an allergy to peanuts will be allergic to fenugreek but if anyone is having trouble producing milk they should consult a physician about what to do and the physician may say alright give fenugreek.

Try but you should understand that verbal supplements are not regulated the same way as drugs and that we don’t even really know what is in there there are dozens of compounds found in fenugreek which are really predominant in here nobody really knows one of those compounds is die, Austrian, in which is a natural estrogen so it’s possible that it can actually increase milk production but it is kind of a crapshoot when you’re playing around with herbal products

In a similar family of soya fenugreek is a spice. People use fresh and dried seeds, leaves, twigs, and roots as condiments, flavorings, and additives. Although more research is needed, some research suggests that fenugreek can have a variety of health benefits.

Reduce the risk of diabetes. Increases milk production and flow. Increase weight loss. Increase Testosterone and Increase Sperm Count. Reduces inflammation. Reduces the risk of heart and blood pressure. Pain reliever.

1: make your hair healthy

We all struggle with various hair
problems like dandruff, hair fall, dry hair, and many more. When you’re tired of trying different shampoos and medications, it’s time to turn to some natural therapies. Fenugreek seeds contain protein and nicotinic acid that help strengthen hair roots and repair damaged hair follicles.

It also contains lecithin, a
a slippery substance extracted from soaked seeds that makes your hair shine. For best outcomes, drench the fenugreek seeds for the time being to relax them. In the first part of the day, crush and add curds to the pasta. When the pasta is prepared, apply it to
the scalp and massage the hair roots.

After 30 minutes, wash your hair and say goodbye to hair problems. Wash your hair after 30 minutes and say goodbye to hair problems. Fenugreek seeds also have properties to cure diseases, it also helps in slowing down the graying of hair.

2: Get glowing skin without acne

Acne and acne scars are the most common problems, especially among teenagers. Repeated breakouts can damage your skin and make it look dull and unhealthy. Fenugreek seeds contain diosgenin, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help the skin fight acne. It also destroys free radicals in our body which are responsible for skin wrinkles, dark spots, and infections.

The sprouted fenugreek seeds are full of antioxidants that help slow down the aging process and keep your skin hydrated. If you mix fenugreek seeds with honey and apply it on the face at night and leave it overnight, wash it in the morning, it will give you acne-free and glowing skin. A face mask made from a paste of fenugreek seeds with gram flour and paneer also exfoliates the skin and removes dark spots and dark circles.

3: promote weight loss

Consuming fenugreek seeds daily on an empty stomach can boost your metabolism, which in turn helps you lose weight. It is full of natural fiber which will help you reduce cravings for calories and suppress your appetite. These grains create a feeling of fullness in the stomach, which can reduce overeating and lead to weight loss.

4: regulate blood sugar

Fenugreek seeds are an excellent tool for controlling and preventing diabetes. Helps improve insulin sensitivity and action, thereby lowering blood sugar levels. You can consume water made from fenugreek seeds or just soaked seeds to help control your blood sugar levels.

5: Aids digestion

For those suffering from acidosis or intestinal problems, fenugreek seeds work like magic. Regular consumption can reduce acid and digestive problems. To remove digestive problems, add grated ginger to fenugreek paste and take a spoon before meals. If you drink fenugreek water, it helps in removing harmful toxins from your body and helps in improving bowel movement.

6: Enhance milk creation in new moms

Fenugreek seeds are broadly used to upgrade milk creation in new moms. It contains phytoestrogen which assists with expanding milk creation in lactating moms. Drinking fenugreek tea expands milk level and furthermore assists with putting on weight in babies.

7: Alleviate feminine issues

Fenugreek seeds have mitigating
properties that assistance to diminish feminine spasms and other feminine-related issues. Specialists expect that it diminishes torment because of the presence of alkaloids. It was discovered that fenugreek seed powder decreases these spasms and different issues like weakness, sickness, and so on

8: Boosts drive

For ages, it has been utilized to deal with different sexual issues like erectile brokenness, impotency, loss of sexual craving, and so forth Late examinations recommend that it might help moxie in the two guys and females. Fenugreek seed concentrate or tea is prescribed to help drive and lighten other
related issues.

9: Controls cholesterol levels

Fenugreek seeds contain flavonoids that bring down the awful cholesterol or LDL in our bodies. Doused fenugreek seeds incredibly diminish elevated cholesterol levels.

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