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Cold season problems: With the arrival of winter, people feel the joy of the end of summer and rain, as well as the joy of enjoying the things of cold weather (hot soups, pakoras, and tea, etc.), brings a glow on the face, but with the cold many All seasonal diseases also knock, which in common parlance is also called viral infection. If you also want to avoid cold diseases, then today we are talking about the diseases caused by cold and its symptoms, treatment.

Cold, cough, and sore throat –

Most people are troubled by coughs and colds in winter. To avoid this problem in winter, avoid consuming cold things. Keep the body covered with warm clothes. Gargling with salt water cures sore throat.

Headache –

Many people get headaches due to the cold, which does not subside easily. When this happens, rub nutmeg in milk and apply it to the forehead. This will give relief to the headache very soon.

Blood pressure –

During the winter season, most people start having problems with increased blood pressure. Heart problems can also increase due to high blood pressure. To avoid this, pay attention to exercise, the right diet, and treatment.

Chest congestion-

In winters, many people complain about the accumulation of mucus in the chest. Due to which people start having a lot of trouble breathing. If this happens, eat figs. This will release mucus and give relief to the cough.

Joint pain complaint

Elders of the house often complain of joint pain during the cold season. To get rid of this, heat oil by applying oil on datura leaves and tie it on the painful area. This gives relief in pain. Apart from this, cook 3-4 garlic cloves in mustard oil and massage it when it cools down. Massage of this oil provides relief in body pain and keeps warm.

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