Cause of poor digestion

Weakness of fever Indigestion When gas is belching, weakness of the liver and the time associated with digestion starts. If you want to improve then tell me something you have to keep in mind.

Mistake number 1

Tea biscuits and sugar-based biscuits should not be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, because here it produces bad gas going into the stomach and has had a very bad effect on our liver and pancreas. Because the morning meal has a lot of effects on our health.

Mistake number 2

Bathing immediately after eating: Whenever food is cut, the blood build-up in the stomach starts to get tight for us to digest the food, but bathing immediately after eating makes our body cool or the normal temperature becomes cold in the stomach or body. Then the normal temperature goes up and starts rising in the second part. As the process of digestion is very slow, therefore bathing should be done either before eating or after one to two hours of eating.

Mistake number 3

When we say to eat very fast, then more food goes into the stomach during work time, as it starts belching again and again, so the food should be eaten slowly.

Mistake number 4

Food travels from top to bottom in our body, so we don’t want to sleep immediately after eating, because by doing so, the work of digesting food becomes very loose and food starts coming upwards as well, so time has started. One should never sleep immediately after having a meal.

Mistake number 5

Do not eat vegetables with non-veg

Whoever eats non-vegetarian food, the same meat as fish and they are nourishing to our body, but what comes out in the west at the end of our sari is in the same way as those who do not eat vegetables with non-veg They have to face the problem of constipation or lack of stomach, yes, along with non-veg, vegetables should also be included in their food.

Mistake number 6

Drinking water immediately after eating food makes the food bloated

And the digestive juice that comes out in the stomach to digest the food is also not able to come out properly. Due to which the digestion process becomes very slow and heaviness is also felt, so immediately after eating 1 to 2 suffocating water should drink because drinking more water than. The digestive juices that come out to avoid food are not able to come out properly, due to which the digestion process becomes slow and one starts feeling full.

Therefore, one to two spoiled small amounts immediately after eating. Water should be drunk only, but if you want to drink water for the whole class, then you can drink it at least half an hour after the meal.

Mistake number 7

Not chewing food well

Digestion starts from two jugs of food, one in the mouth and one in our stomach. When the chewed food goes into the stomach, it does not require much effort to do so that the food is digested quickly and easily. But when food is not chewed properly, that food remains lying in the stomach until it is properly broken down into a paste. Which makes our body work harder. Therefore, to reduce the stomach, we should chew the food so well in the mouth so that the food is easily digested.

Mistake number 8

Eating salad after dinner due to the enzymes or water in the salad is easy to digest.

It should always be used before or with food. Salad should never be consumed after a meal as it slows down the digestion process.

Mistake number 9

Drinking too little water

Due to lack of water in the body, digestion also has a bad effect, so drinking the right amount of water in a day also has a good effect. You must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, but if you eat more fruits or vegetables then 5 to 6 glasses are enough for you. Because we also get some water from fruits or vegetables.

Mistake number 10

Fill one’s stomach

There should be a little space in the stomach to digest the food so that the food can be digested properly, but if the food is tasty, some people eat it full causing disturbances in the digestive system because there is no room for churning or stretching even if the stomach tries to digest, then the food starts coming into the diet. Due to this, a burning sensation or dizziness starts in the chest. That’s why you should eat a little less so that the food can be digested properly.

Mistake number 11

Although walking is considered better for digestion, walking immediately after eating can also have a bad effect on digestion. Because the circulation of blood also starts from the stomach to the other side, which slows down the digestion process. That’s why one should walk after resting for 15 to 20 minutes after eating food. If you want to do any heavy exercise, then it should be done only after 2 hours of eating.

Mistake no 12

Many times people forget to gain weight and eat food even when there is no appetite, which has a very bad effect on the digestive system. Because after the previous food is digested, the food again goes into the stomach, then the digestive system gets completely confused. Because both have different digestion times by doing, the digestive system gradually starts to weaken.

That’s why one should eat food only when there is little hunger.

Mistake no 13

The better the circulation of blood in the body, the better will be its digestive power. But people who spend most of their time sitting.

Their blood circulation is also not that good so those people should do some physical activity for 15 to 20 minutes even during the day.

Mistake no 14

Our body gets carbohydrates, proteins, and fats like microbes by eating, it is the biggest difficulty for our body to digest fat, and oil is used in food, it is full fat. This is the reason that the higher the amount of oil in the food, the more time it will take for our body to digest that food, so the use of oil in food should be reduced as much as possible.

Mistake number 15

Often people use milk after having food at night, due to which the digestive system can be disturbed. Because milk itself is a complete food. Therefore, drinking milk immediately after eating food slows down the process of digestion. Therefore, consume milk only after 1 to 2 hours of eating food.

Mistake number 16

Sleeping immediately after eating has a bad effect on digestion. This can cause you problems like gas or heartburn in the morning, so a gap of 1-2 hours must be kept between eating or sleeping.

Mistake number 17

Our body works throughout the day and rests at night to heal itself. Due to lack of sleep, our body is already tired. Therefore, to keep the digestive system right, you should take 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Ways to keep digestion power right

The digestive system is an important organ located within our body. It works to digest our food and after digesting the food provides the nutritious elements found in it to the body. All these elements are necessary for the development of our body, so it is important for us to take care of the digestive system. Being clean is a big sign of being healthy.

In today’s time, irregularities in eating habits, hectic life, and the stress created due to it, there is a problem of motion every morning. Not only elders but young people are also troubled by constipation. The main reason for this is lack of sleep, stress-fear-anxiety or grief, etc. Consumption of drugs and smoking also causes constipation.

If you want to avoid these negative effects, then follow these simple measures.

1: Use lukewarm water to drink if you are having trouble digesting food. Make a habit of drinking lukewarm water in the morning and it should be used at least thirty minutes before meals.

2: To avoid the problem of indigestion after meals, follow the right way of eating food. Eat fruits before eating food and then eat complex food, this way you will be able to eat more and avoid digestive problems.

3: Always sit in peace and eat food, how you eat food also affects your digestion. For this always try to eat food comfortably and sitting with family members. Keep your TV mobile away from you while you are eating.

4: Drink plenty of water during the day so that your digestion remains correct. Drink about 8-10 glasses of water daily, it provides relief from the problem of constipation and also clears the stool.

5: Consume lemon water If you do not like to drink hot water in the morning, then you can squeeze lemon juice in a glass and drink it. This will reduce the acid produced in your stomach and keep your stomach as well.

6: Get up in the morning and do body massage and exercise, this will help in improving digestion in the long run. Massage your abdomen with some good oils as well.

7: Whenever you eat food, chew the food properly and eat it, by doing this the food gets divided into small pieces and

 This will help in the formation of carbohydrates in your mouth, which will produce amylase.

 The stomach does not have to work very hard to digest the food.

8: For good digestion, you have to take a good amount of fiber, for this, you can include fiber-rich foods like cherries, grapes, bell peppers, whole grains, and almonds in your diet.

9: Avoid overeating fatty foods as fatty foods can cause constipation and other digestive problems. And it also takes a lot of time to digest fatty foods. Therefore, consume a certain amount of fat, so eat it with a low and balanced diet.

10: Eat plenty of vitamin C, for this you can eat foods like broccoli, tomatoes, kiwi fruits, and strawberries. Eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables so that your stomach can be cleaned properly.

11: Increase the taste of your food by adding various spices like ginger, black pepper, rock salt, or coriander to your diet. All these spices not only taste your food but also keep your digestion right.

12: Keep the timing of the meal fixed because by doing this the digestive system remains fine and acid is not formed in your stomach.

13: Do not let your weight increase too much, due to this, digestive problems like heartburn and gas arise. So consult your doctor for weight loss advice.

14: Those who eat meat, try to have less fat because the more fat remains in the meat, the more the meat will be digested late.

15: Do not hold defecation because stopping defecation has a bad effect on your kidney and other organs, so do not stop defecation

16: Make a habit of exercising regularly because digestion is very good by exercising every day. And along with your metabolism, blood circulation also remains correct.

17: Do not eat food by filling your stomach, whenever you eat, keep some space so that there is no problem in digesting the food.

18: Try to reduce stress because due to stress we have a bad effect on the digestive system, to avoid stress, you can do yoga, in which Anulom Antonym and meditation are prominent.

19: Eat a bowl of curd daily which contains probiotics that work to keep your digestion fine. 20: Food should not be taken late at night because by doing so our digestive system slows down in the evening. Due to which special digestive chemicals start making and the digestive system gets spoiled.

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