Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list chart


Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list: You must have seen people at weddings and parties that they eat whatever they want without thinking. The next day many people start getting upset stomachs, while some people start having other problems. In fact, at parties, people do not pay any attention to what should not be eaten with what. … Read more

Good carbohydrates for the body


HEALTHY CARBOHYDRATES   PER 100g SQUASH C: 89 (38 cals) ORANGE C: 11.89 (48 cals) APPLE C: 13.89 (52 cals) BERRIES C: 14.59 (57 cals) OATMEAL C: 129 (71 cals), PEAS C: 169 (84 cals) BANANA C: 22.89 (89 cals) SWEET POTATO C: 23.2g (100 cals) POTATOES  C: 239 (103 cals) QUINOA C: 219 (120 … Read more

Sesame oil benefits for health


Sesame oil has been used since ancient times in food, massage, and auspicious works. Sesame seeds are very beneficial for the body from the point of view of health. People in India use sesame oil more in religious and auspicious works. Sesame oil is used in food as well as medicinal, if you use it … Read more

Asafoetida benefits for health


About the properties of asafoetida, benefits of asafoetida. Asafoetida is also called the queen of spices. Because according to Ayurveda the benefits of asafoetida are many. Asafoetida is considered to be anti-inflammatory. It is commonly used for tempering and flavoring vegetables. It is dark red or brown in color. The benefits of asafetida used as … Read more

Black Cardamom(kali elaichi) benefits for health


Black cardamom is one of the favorite spices of many people because many things can be doubled by adding it to tea, biryani, etc. It is used almost everywhere. Once you get used to it you will feel why it is one of the most versatile spices and it really brings both sweet and savory … Read more

Coriander(dania) benefits for health


Coriander corianders activism so coriander is a very holistic plan it’s been cultivated in many areas and diverse locations the botanical description go ahead and talk about how there are different hierarchies on this annual herb coriander is also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley and I was actually named after the Greek and it … Read more

Cinnamon(dalchini) benefits for health


Cinnamon, spices. Cinnamon or “Cinnamomum zeylanicum” – native cinnamon – comes from Sri Lanka and southern India. It is a tropical shrub or tropical tree and is actually the bark of a tree used for spices. When growing cinnamon, it’s actually quite easy to grow, but a little slower. We like growing them in warm … Read more