Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list chart


Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list: You must have seen people at weddings and parties that they eat whatever they want without thinking. The next day many people start getting upset stomachs, while some people start having other problems. In fact, at parties, people do not pay any attention to what should not be eaten with what. … Read more

Vata pitta Kapha


Vata Pitta Kapha: Those things which work to increase and decrease the ‘tridosha’ of Vata, Pitta, Kapha in the body according to Ayurveda, these three doshas affect the movement of the body. It becomes unhealthy due to the wrong routine and wrong eating habits. There is a detailed explanation of ‘Tridosha Siddhanta’ in Ayurveda. Vata, … Read more

Vitamins list for a healthy body


Vitamin deficiency causes many diseases. At present, the trend of taking vitamin supplements has also increased. Due to the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the diet, supplements are needed. Recent research has revealed that taking vitamin and calcium supplements increases the risk of a heart attack. Health experts also believe that a regular intake … Read more

Super nutritious fruits for health


RASPBERRY Contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which may help lower risk of developing diabetes and asthma. Also a natural mouth freshener that cleans your teeth. 1 medium=96 calories Much of the fiber found in pears is soluble, which can help prevent constipation. Soluble fiber may also help reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. 1/2 … Read more

Good sources of fat


Fat is considered by most people to be the cause of obesity, increasing weight, and bad health. But fats are also essential for the body like other nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates. It is an essential part of a balanced diet. It helps in absorbing vitamins A and D. Instead of bad fats, you … Read more

Minerals for the body


Importance of minerals MINERAL WHAT WE USE IT FOR Good sources CALCIUM The most abundant in the body. For strong bones and blood clotting Dairy, Leafy Greens, Seeds,Nuts, Dates, Tofu MAGNESIUM Helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function & a healthy immune system Nuts, Spinach, Fish, Avocado,Whole Grains PHOSPHORUS Used in all cell functions- used … Read more

Harvesting a healthy salad


Experts say that eating salad almost every day can be one of the healthiest eating habits you can adopt, and thankfully, it’s also one of the simplest to make! A convenient way is to eat one or two servings of vegetables and fruits as a salad. Not only this, salads are crunchy and fun to … Read more