Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list chart


Viruddha Ahara(Incompatible Diet) list: You must have seen people at weddings and parties that they eat whatever they want without thinking. The next day many people start getting upset stomachs, while some people start having other problems. In fact, at parties, people do not pay any attention to what should not be eaten with what. … Read more

Vata pitta Kapha


Vata Pitta Kapha: Those things which work to increase and decrease the ‘tridosha’ of Vata, Pitta, Kapha in the body according to Ayurveda, these three doshas affect the movement of the body. It becomes unhealthy due to the wrong routine and wrong eating habits. There is a detailed explanation of ‘Tridosha Siddhanta’ in Ayurveda. Vata, … Read more

Vitamins list for a healthy body


Vitamin deficiency causes many diseases. At present, the trend of taking vitamin supplements has also increased. Due to the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the diet, supplements are needed. Recent research has revealed that taking vitamin and calcium supplements increases the risk of a heart attack. Health experts also believe that a regular intake … Read more

Super nutritious fruits for health


RASPBERRY Contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which may help lower risk of developing diabetes and asthma. Also a natural mouth freshener that cleans your teeth. 1 medium=96 calories Much of the fiber found in pears is soluble, which can help prevent constipation. Soluble fiber may also help reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. 1/2 … Read more

Lemon benefits for health


What is a lemon? There are many varieties of lemon such as Kagji lemon, Bijori lemon, Jammari lemon, Sweet lemon, etc. Most of the paper lemons are used as medicine. Its tree is full of thorns. The fragrance comes from flowers. Different names in different languages The botanical name of lemon is Citrus aurantifolia and … Read more

Grapes benefits for health


We know that grapes are accustomed to making wine, but also there’s something other use of. it’s the nutritionist and lots of health benefits for your body, improving eyesight, boosting brain performance, protecting against infection, relieving constipation to reducing and low risk of asthma, and more, see the last section to seek out all.  Make … Read more

Papaya benefits for health


How to identify the organic papayas Organic papaya is mainly more they are grown by these small farmers and usually, they are short of labor and all and second in these organic farms they don’t cover the fruit unripe fruit in plastic and all so it is more exposed to nature so, for example, this … Read more

Almonds benefits for health


Health benefits of almonds let us see scientifically the contents of almonds and the said health benefits and if there are any proven studies or scientific studies to establish these results almond is a type of nut almonds contain around 50 percent fats so even though 50 percent of them are fats 90 percent of … Read more

Amla benefits for health


Amla can boost your immune system by more than kV What Constipation Digestive Energy Levels and Constipation About Digestive Energy Levels Not Eating Properly This Week’s Guideline and Table A Days Keeps Colds and the Flu Away What You’re eating it yet and if you don’t have something I can eat for you so you … Read more