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In Ayurveda, gram lentils and gram are said to be healthy for the body. Many diseases are cured by the consumption of grams. It contains many proteins and vitamins. Chana is cheaper than other pulses and it is a nutritious food for health as well as other pulses.

According to Ayurvedacharya Naveen Nayak, the gram enables the body to fight diseases. At the same time, it makes the mind sharp and the face beautiful. Most of the benefits of grams are obtained by eating them by sprouting them. By eating poisonous sweets, 22 sick of the same family, many of them are in serious condition.

1. Chickpea flour pudding is beneficial in asthma in winter.

2. Eating salt-free roti or gram flour for 40 to 60 days does not cause skin diseases like ringworm, scabies, itching, etc.

3. Chew roasted gram at bedtime and drink warm milk, it cures many diseases of the respiratory tract and phlegm.

4. Impotence ends by drinking honey mixed with it.

5. Eating gram lentils is beneficial in jaundice. You are eating red and yellow soil in the name of turmeric-chili.

6. Soak the gram overnight in a sugar vessel. After getting up in the morning, chewing a lot, and eating it regularly, its consumption increases in semen, and the problems related to weakness of men end. By eating soaked grams and drinking milk, the thinness of semen is removed.

7. In jaundice, add 100 grams of gram lentils to two glasses of water, soak them well for a few hours and separate the water from the lentils, now mix 100 grams of jaggery in that pulse and give it to the patient for 4 to 5 days. Stay. The benefit from jaundice will be necessary.

8. Taking roasted gram daily cures piles.

9. Mix 10 grams of a soaked gram and 10 grams of sugar together and eat it for 40 days, the metal gets strengthened.

10. Soaking 25 grams of black gram in the night and consuming it empty stomach in the morning cures diabetes. Do this trick of basil leaves on Saturday, the pauper will go away

11. Mixing ginger, cumin, and salt in water after separating water from soaked chickpeas overnight provides relief from constipation and stomach ache.

12. Sniffing warm gram tied in a handkerchief or any clean cloth, cures cold.

13. To reduce obesity, take grams in breakfast daily.

14. To increase the strength of the body, add lemon, ginger pieces, light salt, and black pepper to the sprouted gram and eat it for breakfast in the morning. You will get energy for the whole day.

15. Chana sattu is also a very beneficial medicine for health. To increase the body’s capacity and strength, in summer you can drink gram sattu mixed with lemon and salt. It also keeps hunger at bay.

16. If a pregnant person has vomiting, give Sattu of a roasted gram.

17. The problem of stones has become common now. The problem of stones is increasing due to contaminated water and eating contaminated food. The problem of stones in the cheek bladder and kidney is happening the most. In this way, mix some honey in overnight soaked gram and consume it daily. Regular consumption of these grams removes the stones easily. Apart from this, you can also eat Rotis made by mixing flour and gram sattu.

18. Chana balances the digestive power and also increases the brainpower. Gram purifies the blood, due to which the skin glows.

19. Due to excessive work and stress, weakness starts in men. In such a situation, sprouted gram is nothing less than a boon. Men get many benefits by chewing and chewing sprouted grams. This removes the weakness of men. Drinking water of soaked gram mixed with honey increases virility. And impotence goes away.

20. Black gram cleans the dirt inside the body well. Due to which the problems of diabetes, anemia, etc. are removed. And it also gives relief in fever etc.

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