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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, therefore, Aloe vera genus presents more than 500 succulent flowering plants, it is currently classified under the author OAC family, but in the past, it was classified in the lily AC family, there is some debate but at present, It is in the van through his AC family It is also known as Aloe barbadensis but it was found that a man named Burman actually named it.

The old name of aloe vera was aloe vera now known as Ella vera aloe vera is commonly known for its laxative properties along with healing burns because of the anthraquinone switch we will get to a little later and there are many more Other claims involving aloe vera but more studies are needed. It is currently heavily marketed as having a calming and moisturizing effect.

You can see it in lotions and hand soaps, but they have not been verified, so the origin of aloe vera is not really known, believed to be possibly native to the Mediterranean parts of North Africa as well as the Canary Islands. is considered,

But now it is cultivated all over the region. tropical and it can actually survive in a variety of conditions, so it can grow pretty much anywhere, it has no stem or very short stem, with these thick fleshy green leaves grayish-brown as well as white There are spots too.

While they are small as well as yellow flowers that bloom from July to January, I mean, you can see here that it is native to the Americas. In fact, the only warm regions are Hawaii, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, so the traditional Uses Aloe vera best known for its use as a burn treatment is an aloe vera extract that is sometimes applied to warm water. is used first.

Which may or may not help enhance the activity of certain chemical constituents, it is also in the Canary Islands, it is used especially as a laxative and with laxative properties and is found in Switzerland Nepal India Canary It is believed to be made up to the island and Argentina, in particular, used it as an abortifacient, so it induces abortion and even in places where it is used.

Used traditionally, but not exclusively as an abortifacient, it is contraindicated during pregnancy.

So of course there are some effects that we don’t want during pregnancy and then for this it is also used in Cook Islands Mexico and Saudi Arabia to treat high blood pressure cancer and diabetes, for the chemistry and pharmacology of aloe vera The most well-known constituents are anthraquinones which are aloe-like aromatic organic compounds in Alamuddin and a thrush.

These are best known for their laxative effects and while we know it because when they are removed from the plant it is no longer a laxative, some of the other elements in aloe vera are polyphenols and flavonoids. Polyphenols are massive antioxidants. as well as antimicrobials and flavonoids. As we know they are synthesized by the plant in response to infection, which is why they have such good results in humans as well.

Acts antibacterial antiviral and antioxidant and we know about the flavonoid content in aloe vera because of the yellow flowers the yellow color is often very indicative of the flavonoid content so I’m not quite sure what happened there, overlooked Therefore the biological activity of aloe vera in vitro flowers have antioxidant properties, they do not contain anthraquinone, so it is really only polyphenol and flavonoid content in flowers and it is really correlated

The number of polyphenols and flavonoids in flowers is directly related to the antioxidant activity which we can see below that the bar on the left is the polyphenol content and the bar on the right is the flavonoid content and then the big bar above them is the amount of a crash activity and you can see There were few photobiological studies that it is also directly related to in vitro.

When aloe vera is lom oden from aloe in particular sorry there was some sensitivity to vitreous which we don’t think because ala was used as burn treatment you know for sunburn but some oxidative damage There was also a decrease in cell survival in vitro studies with Alamuddin in vivo.

Had some immunostimulatory effects, he tested them on broiler chickens that had coccidiosis which is a bacterial infection, and found that anthraquinone may have inhibited the growth of these parasites which is good as it is a cheaper alternative to allopathic medicine What is interesting is abortion also has abstract properties.

The fusions were spontaneously abrogated when mice were given aloe vera extract in the first nine days of gestation. We also observed anti-diabetic properties in vivo. The mice had diet-induced non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Mellitus so he was given this high-fat diet to induce diabetes and he was given a processed diet.

Aloe vera gel extracts were found to have hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties, so after a couple of weeks on aloe vera treatment, they actually had fasting blood glucose levels similar to those of rats that were fed a regular diet that also experienced in vivo burns. Very promising. Taking care of pigs that were burnt.

It wasn’t actually found to be more beneficial than the control group, so it’s a bit unclear whether aloe is actually useful for burns, so an interesting clinical study was the periodontal effects of aloe vera application. When Ella was applied to the periodontal pockets.

What you can see in that picture was actually a decreased gingivitis that could be due to the antimicrobial effects of aloe vera and there was also an improvement in healing which could be due to the increased oxygen when aloe vera was applied. Anti hyper coat antihyperglycemic and anti hypercholesterolemia in other words anti-diabetic effect was a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study.

This is generally accepted and patients are given an aloe capsule and patients with diabetes are given an aloe capsule and showed better glycemic control and lower cholesterol burn care than aloe vera, although it is widely used Admittedly, it is actually inconclusive, it is believed to be mostly cooling and soothing to burns but not really necessary in promoting healing.

Some studies have shown improved collagen production which may promote healing but this is slightly inconclusive. four times more.

Remission of ulcerative colitis Some contraindications of aloe It is considered possibly cytotoxic. Liver toxicity is also possible with some possible chromosomal abnormalities, with most patients taking all doses without telling their doctors and without adverse reactions. There is anecdotal evidence.

The liver affects potentially carcinogenic activities in rats and the use of laxatives especially stimulant laxatives such as aloe vera can lead to abdominal cramps and diarrhea as well as decreased absorption of the drug that causes diarrhea and since it is understandable That it is known to lower blood sugar levels. I don’t want to take it with other diet diabetes medicines.

It may have a synergistic effect. Aloe vera is not currently FDA approved, so it is really a kind of use at your own risk. People sometimes use it as a supplement in Uganda, it is currently used as a potential treatment for HIV.

But that’s again. People who use supplements may overlook the potential drug and herb interactions and potential toxicity of aloe vera because it’s not known, but it can be used to treat diabetic osteoarthritis and high blood pressure. has also been done for

If I can go back to my conclusion, there we go, so aloe vera has a rich history as far as Die Sorority de Materia Medica as well as other papyrus, possibly with regards to healing burns has some efficacy.

And sir, since compounds like polyphenols and flavonoids are known to have anti-inflammatory effects as well as other effects such as hypoglycemic and hypercholesterolemia effects, hopefully, we can do some more research to find out if aloe vera really works. effective in.

Aloe vera is a very beneficial plant in most skin disorders. It is easily available at home because aloe vera grows easily everywhere. Its healing properties have led to the use of aloe vera, which is also a plant, desert, lily, and gallbladder poet, for the treatment of hair loss, digestive tract problems, and hemorrhoids since ancient times.

In the present day, the medical industry gives us it in the form of cosmetics and personal care products like soaps, gels, and lotions. Its light green gel is sold on pharmacy shelves. It is also beneficial in sunburn and we consume it in the form of food and skincare.

What are the types of aloe vera gel and use with people?

Aloe vera has two beneficial parts. The first part is the leaves which are filled with gel. We can say that it is a natural gel. It is very useful in skin problems, burning skin, and other skin disorders.

This gel finds uses as medicine in capsule form and in sachet form. We can also use it as a drink. Many branded companies sell aloe vera products. In the present day, people are attracted to natural products. They are experimenting in daily life causing many types of diseases. That’s why everyone wants to be fit. People are becoming health conscious.

Aloe vera gel itself has a bitter taste, so many brands will add fragrance or other sweeteners on their own. Take a look at the ingredients on the bottle to make sure you don’t have to load up with added sugar.

There are two healing, healthy parts of the aloe vera plant. It is a gel extracted from plants and is often used on the skin to treat skin irritations and various skin disorders. The gel is sold in a liquid or capsule for oral use. Aloe vera is good for oral health. Its use in mouthwash and toothpaste for good oral health

In one study in which people used toothpaste related to aloe vera, they found a good effect on the visual and oral health of the face.


An alternative to mouthwash

Aloe vera is good for skincare

Aloe vera heartburn relief

Keeping produce fresh

Lowering your blood sugar

A natural laxative

Side effects

Even though aloe vera is considered safe enough to eat, it is not 100% safe and secure for the following reasons:

Long-term use of aloe vera latex causes side effects such as gastrointestinal disorders, kidney problems, muscle weakness, and cardiac arrhythmias.

The use of aloe vera gel, which confers resistance during pregnancy, is safe, secure and can lead to death with prolonged use.

People who suffer from IBS or other digestive problems should be careful in the use of aloe vera gel and latex, as these can make the condition worse.

Aloe vera gel benefits yourself, it can be dangerous for people who take certain medications, and it can cause drug interactions.

Do not eat aloe vera gel for external use, as it contains other substances that are toxic.

In short, this aloe vera gel is latex-free and safe to use. If you are not sure whether you use aloe vera gel or not, you will need to consult with your doctor.

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