Almonds benefits for health

Health benefits of almonds let us see scientifically the contents of almonds and the said health benefits and if there are any proven studies or scientific studies to establish these results almond is a type of nut almonds contain around 50 percent fats so even though 50 percent of them are fats 90 percent of this 50 percent is healthier fats they contain 60 percent monounsaturated fatty acids and 30 polyunsaturated.

Fatty acids so practically saturated fat which is considered bad fat is very less so almonds contain fats yes they are more they have more fat but it is of the healthier variety they contain around 25 percent proteins so it is a good source of vegetarian source of proteins they contain around 20 of carbohydrates but even in this carbohydrate almost half of it is dietary fiber which again is a good form of carbohydrate so essentially the macronutrients in almonds are of the healthier type.

What are the other micronutrients present in the almonds contain minerals including manganese magnesium copper iron zinc almonds also contain vitamins including vitamin e riboflavin in particular and they are also a source of phytosterols polyphenols these phytoestrogens polyphenols vitamin e these are all considered antioxidants and they are also beneficial so what are the health benefits of almonds as proven by scientific studies.

So there is umpteen number of studies that have shown that almonds have beneficial effects on serum glucose so in diabetics, they help to maintain the level of blood sugar in the body they have a beneficial effect on blood sugar they have a beneficial effect on lipids especially they reduce serum cholesterol and LDL type of cholesterol in specific which is considered as the bad cholesterol they also reduce uric acid.

This is a problematic chemical especially in individuals with heart disease, they have a general protective effect against the development of diabetes even in those persons who don’t have diabetes have a protective role they also have a protective role in obesity as well as cardiovascular diseases.

They have a prebiotic effect meaning they have a beneficial effect on the growth of good bacteria in the gut almonds also have been shown to increase the level of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter in the brain thereby showing initial potential in cognitive ability in improving cognitive ability and thereby probably also reducing memory loss in conditions like senile dementia or in Alzheimer’s disease studies are further needed.

But anyway these have shown beneficial effects so almonds, in essence, are good for maintenance of weight or for weight loss so even though they contain a higher amount of fat because they tend to have fiber content they tend to reduce LDL cholesterol the net effect is there is weight loss if almonds replace other forms of calories so essentially almonds are a healthier food.

They are good for antioxidative effects they are preventive against diabetes cardiovascular disease they help to maintain blood sugar blood lipids they have prebiotic potential vitamin e is good for skin health so essentially almonds have all these health benefits so how much of almonds can we take one serving of almonds is considered 23 or 24 almonds roughly around 28 grams.

So all persons can take one serving of almonds per day are there any negative effects too much of anything is bad but there are no specific side effects regarding intake of almonds there might be some reports regarding the presence of cyanides this and that for that to take you to need to take a huge quantity.

Almonds are one of the most perfect snacks they’re full of good fats they’re full of good proteins and they’re easy to take with you anywhere you go I keep them in my car in my bag and in my desk and this trick makes them even more delicious and even more nutritious all you need is two things almonds and water.

you’re going to be soaking the almonds overnight or as long as you can and when you soak anything it starts the germination process or the sprouting process which makes things easier to digest and a lot more vitality comes out in them so first just get your almonds to use as many as you’re going to be able to eat in three or four days.

That’s about as long as they say good pour in some water just enough to cover them move them around with your hand just to wash off any bits that are on the almonds quickly pour that out cover it with fresh water cover it completely plus a bit more so that it has enough to absorb and then as I said leave it as long as you can so put them in in the morning before work and they’ll be done by the time you get home or if you can leave them overnight and they just come out very moist plump and extra delicious you.

Splashing almonds short-term will eliminate the external skin of almonds that contains tannins a substance that will inhibit the nutrients in the almond to be absorbed by the body more easily and also make the almonds easier to be chewed this is what happens to your body when you consume soaked almonds every morning before breakfast one prevent aging skin most of us these days expend a lot of money to get anti-aging product hoping to have beautiful and firm skin not wrinkle won by consuming soaked almonds every day.

You can get the benefits of anti-aging products since almonds contain a high level of vitamin E a strong antioxidant that can fight age caused by free radicals to removes acne overnight soaked almonds do not only make skin soft and moist but can also prevent and reduce inflammation of acne which is caused by pee acne bacterial infection just grind few soaked almonds and mix it with honey to get an effective acne mask 3 reduce cholesterol overnight soaked.

Almond reduces LDL cholesterol low-density lipoprotein study reported that eating soap almond may elevate the level of high-density lipoprotein good fats in the blood and reduce the bad fat that can cause many other diseases for lower blood pressure by reducing cholesterol level and maintaining healthy blood vessels soaked almond has contributed in maintaining normal blood pressure and keeps your body away from hypertension almonds contain a low level of sodium and high level of potassium which can prevent the increase of blood pressure 5 prevent stroke a stroke occurs.

When the blood store in your brain is interrupted or decrease which deprives your brain of oxygen and nutrients overnight soaked almonds can help to reduce the risk of stroke by care your arteries healthy and maintaining normal blood pressure high blood pressure and blocked arteries are the leading cause of stroke that may result in paralyzed body and disabilities 6 strengthens immune system according to a study overnight almonds may have a prebiotic effect can boost immune system prebiotic is known as nutrients of non-digestible food that can improve the growth of good bacteria in human.

The gut as we know that human gut or gastrointestinal tract play an important role in disease prevention and it provides 80% immunity factors 7 prevents from cancer vitamin E found in almonds are a strong and powerful antioxidant which can stop the body from free radicals effect that is the leading cause of oxidative stress and cancer development free radicals can damage the DNA of the cell and weakens the immune system.

Which leads to abnormal cell growth almonds anti-cancer properties helps overcome abnormal cell growth 8 promotes healthy digestion soaked almonds contains some amount of fiber that is good for the digestive system fiber can make the bowel move easier and make the intestine absorb more nutrients from food soaked almonds also improve the number of good bacteria in large intestines.

That helps in the excretion process 9 improve kid’s memory power known as brain tonic overnight soaked almonds are best for children eating 4 to 6 pieces of almonds every day can improve kids memory and help them build their cognitive functions.

  • Almonds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients.
  • Almonds Are High in Vitamin E.
  • Almond reduce hunger as well as Lowering Your Overall Calorie Intake.
  • Magnesium Also Benefits Blood Pressure Levels.
  • Almonds Can Lower Cholesterol Levels.
  • Almonds Are Loaded With Antioxidants.
  • Almonds Can Assist With Blood Sugar Control.
  • Almonds Prevent Harmful Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol.
  • Almonds May Be Effective For Weight Loss.

  1. Almond good for the digestion system.
    Almond is a very beneficial dry fruit. It is the best resource for protein.
  2. Wet almond is more effective than dry almond. Almound contain good cholesterol. Balance sugar level.
  3. Good for mental strength because almonds contains vitamin B1, thiamin, vitamin B3 which is helping to increase mental strength.
    Good for face skin.
  4. Almond increased your stamina.
    Almond balances cholesterol and balance sugar levels. Antioxidant flavonoids are available in almond which is helping to balance
    cholesterol level.
    Almond contains nutrishium and magnesium which is good for heart.
  5. It is source of fiber which is maintain your sugar lavel and reduce risk of diabetes.
    Good in blood pressore.
    Boost immunity system and increase eye sight power and reduce risk of respiratory probulem.
    Almound contain protein and calcium which is daily need of human body.
  6. Reduce risk of alzimer
  7. Solve dry skin probulem.
  8. Vitamin e and flonoword combination maintain attari wal
  9. Reduce risk of digestion probulem and heart attack risk.
    Decrease heart attack risk.
    If we use almound with milk it is effective in skin probulem, wrinles, black head, acne.
    If we use almound with honey and use it in our skin we get rid of dry skin problem.
    If we use almound, lime juice and egg white part use it in your skin buter dry you wil wash your face.
    It will solve your face skin probulem.
    If you want to glow your skin. You can use of massage by almound oil before sleeping.
    We should use 4 to 5 wet almound daily.

almond oil good effect on hair. If you are suffering from dandruff and hair loss problems you can use almonds for good Nutrition
Because of the availability of vitamins e, biotin, magnesium, cobalt, fat acids which are very beneficial elements for hair.

Excess use of almonds may be stomach swilling. It contains high fiber.

If you are taking medicine for blood pressure. You take almonds in low quantity. It can increase your blood pressure. We need vitamin 20 mg per day. But if almond heigh quantity. It may problems with headache, Abdominal distension, giddy, laziness. Acess use of almond increases your fat. 1 os almond have 15g or 163 calories. But if you access to use you can’t burn without exercise it may collect fat in your body that causes your weight to increase.

Best time to eat almond

Normally We can take almonds any time of the day. But main things what is your purpose to eat almond.
IF you want to use almonds in heart disease. You can eat in a day.
If you are taking almonds for health. You should wet almonds in the morning.
If you suffering from insomnia. You should use almonds before sleeping.
Because almonds contain magnesium which is good for insomnia.

Almond effect in the body

The Almond nature effect in the body is hot. Excess use and use in the summer season may be problems of stomachs like indigestion, gas, bloating. But you can try wet almonds for good health.

The health benefits and uses of almond oil

  • Sweet almond oil contains a great range of use for skin and body care. This is taken out from the seeds of the almond fruit.
  • The oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E which builds this excellent for better health of the body, especially the skin and hair.
  • It likewise keeps a modest quantity of nutrient K, potassium, zinc, and many minor elements which are normal wellbeing sponsors.
  • Almond oil is a delicate, hypoallergenic oil that can be utilized on fragile skin. It is generally utilized as a back rub oil for babies after washing to feed and really focus on the skin.
  • It very well may be better utilized for profound purifying of the skin and pores. It is fantastic for cleaning cosmetics on the face, and surprisingly in the delicate region around the eyes. Apply to the face utilizing a cotton ball and permit to dry for 3 minutes, before clean with a delicate material.
  • Sweet almond oil can be dribble onto touchy servings of mixed greens to give medical advantages to the human body. Everything of cancer prevention agents inside this oil fight free extremists which hinder the maturing cycle.
  • It is likewise a wellspring of calming and develops the resistant framework to shield you from microorganisms and trespassers, like cold or influenza.
  • The omega 3 unsaturated fats inside the oil help to really focus on heart wellbeing by directing your cholesterol levels.
  • Assuming you find that your nails are slight and pluck effectively, you might be experiencing a mineral lack. Apply a drop of warm almond oil to the nails and rub it into the fingernail skin something like three times each week. The zinc inside will secure the nails and assist you with developing further longer enduring nails.
  • Almond oil has been utilized for quite a long time in old Chinese and Ayurvedic medication to treat dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • It very well may be rubbed all around the body to relieve dry skin and make an even skin tone.
  • Nutrient E assists with recuperating sun harm, lessen the impacts of maturing and gradually separate scar tissue. Back rub this into the skin each and every day for the best impacts.
  • You can rub this on the feet to forestall a competitor’s foot in the event that you experience the ill effects of this condition regularly. It additionally disposes of ringworm contaminations.
  • In the event that you experience the ill effects of dark circles and packs under the eyes, almond oil can be applied each prior night rest.
  • Nutrient E starts to drench into the skin and disposes of the issue inside about fourteen days or less.
  • Skin rashes are normal in the nappy space of infants and are brought about by scraping. This likewise happens to grown-ups when the skin rubs together, particularly on the thighs. Basically, rub some almond oil into the influenced region and permit it to be consumed by the skin. This will facilitate the issue and take into account quick mending.
  • Almond oil can be applied to the scalp for the time being to forestall further balding, particularly if your hair is diminishing. The nutrients and minerals ought to be permitted to douse into the scalp during that time prior to washing the next morning. Adding a couple of drops to your food or sound squeezes likewise assists with treating this issue inside.
  • Spreading a couple of drops of oil into the hair can secure the hair against sun harm throughout the mid year. It contains nutrient B7 which additionally disposes of dandruff and parasitic diseases of the scalp.
  • To get familiar with fundamental oils and home cures,

NutrientAmount adult requirement
Energy (calories)1641,800–3,000
Carbohydrate (g)6.1, add 1.2 g sugar130
Fat (g)14.2, of which 12.4 g is unsaturated20%–35% of daily calories
Fiber (g)3.525.2–30.8
Protein (g)6.046–56
Calcium (mg)76.31,000–1,200
Iron (mg)1.08–18
Magnesium (mg)76.5310–420
Phosphorus (mg)136700
Potassium (mg)2084,700
Zinc (mg)0.98–11
Copper (mg)0.9900
Manganese (mg)0.61.8–2.3
Selenium (micrograms or mcg)1.255
Folate (mcg, DFE)12.5300–400
Vitamin E (mg)7.2715
Cholesterol0No data

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