Advantage and Disadvantage of mobiles

In this era, mobile phones have an important part in our life. At this age, everyone has a mobile phone, whether poor or rich, everyone has a mobile phone. The mobile phone of the present has become better than the mobile phone of the last 5 years. Everyone is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

Now I am telling you more good details about mobile phones.

Advantages of mobile phone

  • Now everyone can stay in touch with mobile phones.
  • We can reach any place with the help of the GPS system of the mobile phone.
  • In this era, mobile phones have become a means of entertainment.
  • For entertainment, we can do many things like singing, film, games from mobile phones.
  • In this era, you can also order food from mobile phones.
  • We can also check our email from mobile phones.
  • In this era, we can get information from all over the world by having the internet on our mobile phone.
  • By having a camera in a mobile phone, we can snap pictures from all over the world.
  • We also get a flashlight in the mobile phone, which we can also use in lieu of the touch light.
  • In this era mobile phones are being used in place of computers.

Disadvantages of mobile phone

  • The radiation emitted from mobile phones can harm the human body.
  • In this era, due to mobile phones, the education writing of the student class becomes very weak.
  • Due to mobile phones, many diseases can occur in the human body.
  • Mobile phones make people’s minds weak.
  • Nowadays, due to mobile phones, wasteful expenditure increases.
  • Nowadays everyone keeps their confidential information in mobile phones, which can be lost due to mobile hacking.
  • In this age, due to the internet and mobile phones, children can get wrong information.
  • Right now people even allow injured children to use mobile phones, due to which their mental behavior can deteriorate.

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