About us

My Intro

I am software developer, Digital Marketer, Blogger. I starting to my journey in Website designing, development and blogging 2012. I am very passionate about my profession.

About me: I started my journey in 2011 as a calling associate. I learn many things from this profession how to deal with clients and how to know client requirements and suitable options for clients. My suggestion to people is if you are hesitant to talk with people you should training of B.P.O. After you some days you will change your communication and behavior about people. After 2 years of completing I started work in the digital marketing company Tekin io as a website developer. 2013, I started working as a website designer and developer with Tekin inc. I have created many websites and web applications but I realize without marketing your business is not increased. I decided to learn about the marketing strategy of digital platforms. After I learned to start the experience of S.E.O., S.M.O., and blogging strategy. Every day you can learn something new on this platform and explore your knowledge. If you are passionate you want something new.

My experience –

  1. Calling experience: I have 3 year calling experience.
  2. Website design & Development: – 8 year experience.
  3. Digital marketing experience: 2 year digital marketing experience.

Website Purpose

This website’s purpose is to motivate people for health. Most people facing health-related problems. That’s the reason they don’t have time for our health its may be any reason. But this website learns. if you use natural products you can long and healthy life because if you are healthy 90% role of your diet which type of diet you intake you have to always focus on your balanced diet and add yoga and exercise. It is the best way to be fit and healthy.

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